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Have a listen to: 'Vanish'

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36 Crazyfists – Time and Trauma

Release Date:17th February 2015
Spinefarm Records
Amazon: http://amzn.to/1DFq1v6
iTunes: http://apple.co/1y9vQ1V

21 years, 7 albums and 2 band member deaths. This band are not without their fair share of either Time nor Trauma, making for an appropriate title for their seventh studio effort.

The album pulls us in with ‘Vanish’ – an introduction song of sorts, clocking in at jut under 4 minutes. The song’s lyrics explore death and the idea that one day we’re here and then we are gone, and all of what we were lives on through the memories of our family and friends. For a band with their fair share of death and trauma, this is an appropriate theme to explore, albeit a depressing one. Lyrically, the first line and hook sticks with their typical nautical themes; “I come with weight, I feel the anchors pulling me down, no escape.

Time and Trauma – The album’s title track delivers heavy riffing and a huge droning break down with harsh screaming vocals, whilst staying melodic and catchy when necessary. “I’ve seen the devil, in many of my days, lately I’ve decorated far too many graves” – carrying on with personal loss, death is an apparent and frequent theme on this record.

Swing The Noose – Thematically the song is about carrying burdens, what it takes to rid yourself of those burdens and what it takes to deal with tribulations. “Broken in a million pieces again, I numb myself with the substances. ” This song has a heavy start, soft melodic verse and punches back in with choppy riffs for the pre-chorus. The chorus is catchy with classic clean Brock Lindow vocals and thick, low end power chords with melodic octaves played over the top. There isn’t a lot of screaming on this track.

Marrow – This is a love song for Brock Lindow’s wife that explores his wife’s kindness. In an interview posted on Facebook he describes the events that took place leading up to his mothers death three years ago and how she adopted two children that became like brothers to Brock. When his mother passed, his wife saw to it that they legally adopted them. The song is a homage to her. Musically the song has a slow tempo, big thick chords that ring out and lovely female back-up vocals.

Time and Trauma is a welcomed addition to the bands catalogue, and enthused me to listen to the record preceding this one. The problem with the style of music 36 Crazyfists play is that it has become a niche genre. Not being a fan of the genre but a fan of the band, I found myself incredibly hooked on the album for the first week, and slowly became more disinterested. The hooks are there and they lay right on the surface. Is there a greater substance to this record that I’m not hearing? The issue I’ve had with this band over the years is that they have a few great songs on each record, but a lot of them feel like fillers. Time and Trauma deserves the attention of fans of heavy music. If for nothing else, than to add some catchy-as-fuck song to your favourite playlist. This has been a longer album in the making and contrary to what I said before, the album plays well from start to finish.