On the eve of releasing their album ‘Culture To Criticise’, we caught up with Kent based punk-rock act DROPTHIS to talk about their influences and how they have managed to get where they are today.

DROPTHIS was formed in the summer of 2013 by vocalist Jordan Harris and guitarist Andrew Keech (otherwise known just as “Keech”) during the aftermath of their folk-punk/ pirate band Captain Bastard and the Scallywags’ disbandment. Harris stated “As much as it was always fun playing jolly, chirpy diddly music, we wanted to start playing things a bit heavier and a bit faster”.

The plan was to fuse British hardcore with United States skate punk – two musical styles we both loved and had wanted to emulate in our music since adolescence. The pair drafted in Nick Curtis, the guitarist from surfy/indie punk band Firstborn Heroes because they both loved the way Curtis could play guitar, plus his positive attitude would provide a decent contrast to our often quite negative sounding song writing and miserable lyrics.


Bassist Pete Duggan, (who Harris met through his weed dealer) followed suit after he moved back from Scarborough and was looking to get back jamming. Harris added “Duggan was actually looking to be in a metal ban as a lead guitarist, but we needed a bassist so after much persuasion he joined us”. Then the founding pair asked their Captain Bastard accordion player, Ben (beard) to play the drums and they finally had a backbone for a band!

There was never any real plan to take it anywhere at that point. After writing a few songs that the band liked they decided to record them. That became the first DROPTHIS EP, ‘Start Smoking’ which was recorded in Keech’s parents’ garage and a friend’s basement. Its super rough around the edges but it helped the lads sculpt their sound and get an idea of what kind of songs they were going to create.

In around mid-2014, DROPTHIS started taking things a little more seriously. The lads signed to 13 Stitches Records and released their second EP, ‘Spitting Feathers’ through the label. DROPTHIS then started shows on a very regular basis until it got to the point where they were playing almost every weekend. The major downside to this was that Ben had to leave to focus on his other band, blues rock act Flawless Carbon. This led to DROPTHIS bringing in an old friend, Dan Atkinson to complete the now current lineup on drums.


Around November 2014 the band were offered the chance to go on a European tour with punk band The Burnt Tapes. Harris spoke highly about this opportunity “Keech bought Slaves’ old 9 seater van off Sick Fish and we fucked off round Europe for a few weeks. It was hands down the most fun I’ve ever had doing anything ever in my life, and obviously I can’t speak for the others but I have a feeling they might just tell you the same. I mean it was seriously epic. Lots of new friends, lots of punks, lots of booze, decent food and lots of fun. It was made by the Burnt Tapes lads who are seriously decent fellows and they don’t half write a proper good tune as well (check em out etc).”

The band then made a decision that the next time they go back into Europe, they would do it with an album under their belts. That was then the goal for DROPTHIS and here we are just a week before the release of ‘Culture To Criticise’. “The friendships and the other amazing bands in the punk scene are the reason we play so much and will hopefully continue to do it until we’re old and crusty like The Commited.”, Harris on the future goals of the band.


‘Culture To Criticise’ will be released through 13 Stitches on May 16th (Lagwagon day for those who get the reference).


DROPTHIS will play an album release show on June 4th at London venue, New Cross Inn. It will be an all dayer with a large lineup, featuring the following acts:

Ted Dibiase and the Million Dollar Punk Band
Triple Sundae
Demon Smiles
The Pisdicables
Broken Banjo
Cereal Box Heroes
The Dead Anyways
The Half-Wits
Matilda’s Scoundrels

The show is £5 entry for the whole day! Grab your tickets here:

More information on the event here: