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Have a listen to: "Haunted" and "Wild Hearts (Stripped)"

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Æves – Desire

Release Date: 19th February 2018

Music is at its best when produced by an ensemble of close friends; you can hear the passion and bond that is evident between the musicians. That’s exactly the route Æves took and their success is prominent. Made up of two lifelong friends from Louisville, the group formed in the opening months of 2015 and haven’t looked back since.

The duo took inspiration from contradicting local music scenes to create their own amalgamation of pop/electric alt-rock. The result of their genre merging is something totally unique, playing homage to the likes of Courage My Love and the former VersaEmerge.

Their sophomore record and follow up to their debut in 2016 ‘Ignite‘ is soon to be released to their growing fan base. The finished product ‘Desire‘ is an emotional collection of colourful tracks that perfectly sum up Æves as a band. The initial three tracks show off melodic, vibrating guitars that compliment the vocal patterns; particularly shown in their most recent single ‘Loaded Love’.

Haunted’ provides something a bit different, with a darker ambience than what has already been shared. The steady rhythms make the track easy to listen to and ultimately enjoy. The EP then takes an alternative direction, stripping back familiar tracks ‘Loaded Love’ and ‘Wild Hearts’. The tracks are almost unrecognisable as they explore a slower pace and simplified marriage of piano and vocals. These two closing tracks expose vocalist Molly O’Malley‘s wonderful voice, surely to captivate you throughout.

It’s a nice record to have on for some atmospheric background music. If you’re looking for a whole new collection of fresh tracks, then this may not be for you due to the addition of remixes and stripped back versions of tracks. The melodies are carefully constructed and they clearly have a lot of love behind these songs.

For fans of: Greywind, Courage My Love, VersaEmerge

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