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After The Fall – Dedication

Release Date: 12th May 2015
Bridge Nine Records

With pretty much every pop punk band sounding so similar these days (everyone seems to be taking that Four Year Strong influence way too far), it is refreshing to hear some punk/pop punk resembling the mid 2000’s sound that captivated me in my teens and dominated the Warped Tour scene at the time.

This album bears a strong similarity to Rufio (what ever happened to them?), with fast, energetic punk rock and raspy adolescent sounding vocals that have such a dominating American whiney twinge; kind of like how Tom Delonge sounded before ‘Enema Of The State‘ was released.  Amongst adding a post hardcore/punk edge to the mix with some slight aggression and emotional tendencies, this is the vibe throughout the album. In short it would be a perfect choice to feature in a Tony Hawk game. ‘Dedication‘ definitely has somewhat of a toned down vibe compared to their 2013 release ‘Unkind‘ which seemed heavier and more erratic in places.

The problem I find with ‘Dedication‘ is that it seems over before you even realise it –  just a mere 20 minutes makes it hard to really get into it. This coupled with the fact that nothing really stands out, quite essentially makes the album and its songs a perfect background music kind of album. ‘Dedication‘ is an enjoyable listen and a recommendation to anyone that listened to the Warped Tour and Punk-o-Rama compilations, the songs would fit in perfectly. If you like these guys, I’d recommend checking out A Wilhelm Scream and Rufio.