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Have a listen to: "Bang Bang Boom" and "No Pant No Problem"

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An Assfull of Love – Monkey Madness

Release Date: 25th August 2017

I have to admit, at first I chose to do a review of this album because of the band name.  There is nothing that could stop me wanting to see a band called An Assfull of Love. As if that wasn’t enough the band describe themselves as ‘Glampunk’ an unholy alliance between the Glam metal world of Motley Crue and Guns n Roses and the more recent pop punk of Green Day and Blink-182. With a description like that this may be glorious or it may be a train wreck but I knew that ahead there would be an adventure.

There is a definite feeling of nostalgia that I get with this album overall; this is more so as a result of the definite Blink-182 influence on the band themselves. The tracks are fun and you will be singing along with these songs by the second listen, if not halfway through the first.

This album and, specifically, tracks such as ‘Bang Bang Boom‘, ‘Orgasm Joe‘ and ‘No Pants No Problem, bring me back to sitting in my friend’s garage drinking, playing guitar and singing too loud to ridiculous songs – the neighbours did not like us. There is an air of (relatively) innocent fun about this album, as well as the added fact that it makes me want to do all of these things right now. This album reminds me heavily of Blink-182; not necessarily for the delivery of the lyrics or the sound of the band but definitely for the feeling that this was made by a group of people who really enjoyed what they were doing; and as much as I am a grumpy bastard we need more of that in our lives. That’s why ‘Exile On Main Street‘ was a great album, it was a group of friends getting loaded and playing music, what’s not to like.

It is difficult to describe individual tracks and musical performances here because there is nothing necessarily out of the ordinary. This is a pop punk band, albeit a good one, that carries off their music with humour and fun and is very enjoyable as a result. Some of the lyrics are cheesy and a bit contrived, but such is the genre that they fit into. Without this the humour, the lyrics wouldn’t come across as well as they do –  I certainly wouldn’t have enjoyed it as much. Try singing ‘Motorboat Ride‘ without a smile on your face, I dare ya!

For fans of: Blink 182 and Green Day

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