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Anewrage – Life-Related Symptoms

Release Date: 7th April 2016
Scarlet Records

I didn’t realise it was still the early 2000s, someone forgot to give Italian metallers, Anewrage, the memo as they produce their latest album, ‘Life-Related Symptoms’, which is full of material that would have been perfect on the early Kerrang compilations and any alt rock mix cd from that era. Anewrage have toured all over Italy and Switzerland, sharing the stage with the likes of Gamma Ray, Freak Kitchen, Dreamshade and DESTRAGE, to mention a few, and in 2015 the Italians were SXSW finalists for their ‘ANR’ album trailer, alongside some huge names like The Lego Movie and Pacific Rim. The band have spent the last year writing ‘Life-Related Symptoms’ and really took their time to explore their music with this release.

Anewrage combines the aggressive side of nu-metal with the catchy and melodic hooks of alternative rock, we hear this first in the opening track, ‘Upside Down’. Laden with crunchy riffs, intricate rolling, yet bouncy drum beats and an anthemic chorus with a subtle layer of electronic drum machine sound effects over the top. It’s fun and chirpy for the most part, but there are heavy segments designed to get your head banging. Follow-up track ‘My Worst Friend’ is a lot more melodic, with some tech metal style riffs. The chorus is still incredibly catchy, though. This is easily the most hooking factor for the Italians. For example, ‘Dancefloor’ pushes for more of an epic approach with an angst fuelled ominous verse and the big impacting chorus that really draws you in. Even with dark tones lingering, the choruses each create an uplifting atmosphere.

‘Floating Man’, sticks out as one of my favourite tracks with the big chorus dynamic. It contains that sleazy Puddle Of Mudd style of singing through gritted teeth vibe. Pulling in grunge like influences in the form of Alice In Chains, ‘Insight’ is another track that uses this formula. Then we have P.O.D-esque ‘Outside’ which reminds me of the sombre tone to ‘Youth Of The Nation’, the haunting atmosphere has still got the same anthemic allure to it, though. it’s one of the few tracks without any kind of pent up aggression contained within it.

What I like is that these varying styles compliment frontman Axel Capurro’s vocal capacity, from his throaty shouting singing voice to his rather impactful cleaning singing. He never really goes full pelt into screaming, but there is the built in raspiness like Chester Bennington’s singing in his early days. While the musicianship within Anewrage is strong and really talented, it’s Capurro’s voice that is the driving force, and his vocal melodies. From the opening track in ‘Upside Down’ to the closer in ‘Wolves And Sirens,’ he keeps you captivated. For a new album, I feel somewhat nostalgic in how this album sounds and the influences that make it up. In an initial listen, I had a feeling that it might be a dated sound, but it still works.

For fans of Puddle Of Mudd, A, Alien At Farm, Alice In Chains

Check out the video for ‘Upside Down’

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