Antagonist A.D have just released the next single off of their forthcoming album ‘Haunt Me As I Roam’, which will be available from March 27th via UNFD.

The new track features guest vocals from Deez Nuts‘ vocalist JJ PetersAntagonist A.D vocalist Sam Crocker says of the collaboration “We thought lyrically and musically JJ would suit the track so I showed him the tune and he was into it – he killed his part.”

Crocker’s confronting and extremely personal lyrics on ‘Haunt Me As I Roam’ are demonstrated in the new single. “‘Dogs Blood‘ is about the naysayers – the negative influences in our lives. It’s about how there’s no justice or fairness in today’s society and if you aren’t striving to make it better you are apart of the problem – you’re contributing to making it worse.”

Listen to ‘Dogs Blood’:

Antagonist A.D – Haunt Me As I Roam
1. Cold (Intro)
2. Coffin Keeper
3. Haunt Me As I Roam (feat. Ahren Stringer)
4. Hard Feelings
5. Wanderlust (feat. Andrew Neufeld)
6. Dogs Blood (feat. JJ Peters)
7. Old Love
8. Downer (feat. Sam Carter)
9. Ugly Days
10. Mother, Father
11. For Anyone That Hurts