Anti-Flag are back with a brand new album entitled ‘American Spring’ and the artwork they have released is awesome and, well, open to interpretation!

The guys have revealed the artwork for both front and back covers; the front features a woman wearing a black hajib veil, while the back cover shows an American soldier in combat fatigues; both of their faces are obscured by an exploding pink flower.

Take a look:  !cid_image006_jpg@01D0568C

Anti-Flag explain that “the songs on American Spring are an aggressive critique of the global social and political climate of 2015,” The artwork is no different. The cover art is meant to challenge our collective view of violence and peace.”

What do you think?

The album will be released via Spinefarm Records on May 25th and the first song ‘Fabled World’ will be premiered on March 31st so listen out.

Here is the full tracklisting for ‘American Spring’:

1)Fabled World

2)The Great Divide

3)Brandenburg Gate

4)Sky Is Falling

5)Walk Away

6)Song For Your Enemy

7)Set Yourself On Fire

8)All of The Poison, All of The Pain

9)Break Something

10)Without End


12)To Hell With Boredom

13)Low Expectations

14)The Debate Is Over (if you want it)