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Have a listen to 'Broadcasting to the Nation'


Authority Zero – Broadcasting To The Nations

Release Date: 2nd June 2017
Bird Attack Records
iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/broadcasting-to-the-nations/id1231617405

Since the mid 90s, Authority Zero has brought their unique signature blend of anthemic melodic-punk and reggae to the masses. A lot has changed in the twenty odd years since the band got their start and they’ve found a way to persist in the constant changing musical trends. Now, moving into the Summer of 2017, Authority Zero are back with a new album, ‘Broadcasting To The Nations’, which has been released via Jacksonville, Florida’s Bird Attack Records, who are quickly developing an extensive roster of both up-and-coming and established acts in the skate/melodic punk genre—a perfect fit for Authority Zero.

The overal tone of ‘Broadcasting To The Nations’ takes me back to the kind of skate-punk provided by The Offspring in the 90s, along with the hardcore tinged influences of Rise Against. Opening track, ‘First One In The Pit’ for one is a track about mosh pit dominance, it starts off up-tempo, with crunchy riffs that soon develop into deeper chugs like a hardcore track. ‘Reconciliation’ then follows up a lot more upbeat and with those skate-punk vibes, providing a nice catchy chorus and uplifting whiney guitars solos on top of the high-speed drum beats and infectious guitar rhythms.

Tracks such as ‘Destiny And Demise’ and ‘Sevens’ act as tracks that very well could have been on ‘Americana’ or ‘Conspiracy of One’, like pure clones of The Offspring. Vocalist, Jason DeVore even sounds a bit like Dexter Holland with the gruffness of Tim McIlrath. Title track, ‘Broadcasting To The Nations’ then stands out like a sore thumb as a ska influenced number in the middle of a skate punk album. Easily my favourite track on the album, the typical reggae upstrokes and the rapping style vocals in the verse combined with a catchy punk-rock chorus, it’s really fun and energetic. A track that’s been on repeat quite a lot since I discovered it.

‘Summer Sickness’ then takes things down a notch, a slowburning reggae number, with a some underlying punk-rock influences such a subtle additions of distorted hooks and angst-ridden vocals. We’re even treated to a some soothing brass melodies. It sets up the ‘Bayside’ perfectly, which packs a small punch when it comes in with crunchy riffs, this one sounds more like a forgotten Rise Against hit, the dominantly catchy melodic skate punk vibes. The back end of the album continues this trend of melodious punk hits with plenty of singalong segments and hard hitting, energetic musicianship. The final track, ‘No Guts No Glory’ surely pushes for the anthemic end to the album with an array of gang shouts.

Authority Zero I feel are certainly underated in the world of melodic skate punk and ska-punk, they are almost unknowns when compared to the likes of The Offspring or Sublime yet they produce an album with good enough qualities to be on par with any decent album by those bands and others of their calibre. ‘Broadcasting To The Nations’ is a solid release and should hit all the right spots for fans of that Epi/Fat style of melodic skate punk.

For fans of The Offpring, Rise Against, NOFX, Sublime

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