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Betraying The Martyrs – The Resilient

Release Date: 27th January 2017
Sumerian Records
iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/the-resilient/id1176732945

French metalcore outfit, Betraying The Martyrs have been a popular force over the last few years, especially since the release of their brutal cover of Frozen hit, ‘Let It Go’ back in 2014. It seems that everyone who pays attention to the genre at least knows their name. Now the Parisian six-piece has released their third album, ‘The Resilient’ as a follow up to their 2014 album ‘Phantom’. This will be their first with the band’s new drummer, Boris Le Gal, who replaced Mark Mironov last year. Mironov was forced to leave the band, sadly due to visa issues, but Le Gal appears to have stepped up to the plate admirably in his wake.

The album kicks off rather cinematically during the intro to ‘Lost For Words’. There are ambient atmospheric synth sounds to start with, it teases towards the crunchy tech metal style breakdown that has a layer of choir-like chants layered on top of them. Swiftly this moves into a high-tempo riff segment with erratic beats to match, fronted by ferocious roars. The opening song features everything from a catchy singing chorus, to chaotic blast beat segments, to two-step inviting grooves and impressive solo musicianship from the guitar section. It sets a statement from the start.

‘Take Me Back’ then takes a similar approach by throwing us off with a soft intro segment that launches into a monstrous pit starter. This time, the chorus is somewhat more anthemic. It’s massively uplifting and you just know they will be great for sing-alongs. The cleans stand out dominantly above the music that calms down to let the singing shine.

The formula seems pretty solid at this point, brutality mixed with huge singing segments that can have a crowd sing back. ‘The Great Disillusion’ follows it to the letter, ‘Dying To Live’ too. What makes the latter stand out is the almost death metal influence in the riffs. There is a more sinister tone in the heavier parts of the song. The opening part to the ‘The Resilient’ track has another theatrical feel to it in the synths like it is setting up a film set in Egypt, such as ‘The Mummy’.

‘Won’t back down’ breaks from the formula by pushing that epic atmosphere to the forefront of the song. Big anthemic hooks, huge melodic synths and lots of “woah” chanting segments. It’s the something different this album needed to mix things up a bit. It’s still heavy, it’s still dark but it doesn’t contain the same ferocity that it’s follow up, (Dis)Connected’ has. The crunchy grooves of the guitar now seem to be the focus point with the roaring vocals sounding as brutal as ever.

The next couple of tracks go back to following the trend of heaviness as a focal point, ‘Ghost’, however, combines alternative rock and metalcore to perfection. It delivers a nice catchy chorus, beautiful keyboard melodies layered on top of the ear destroying riffs. It’s by far the most captivating song on the album and I’m surprised it wasn’t the first choice for a single. ‘Wide Awake’ then finishes the album with a creepy meets heavy vibe. Brutal riffs combined with eerie synth hooks for a monstrous end to the album.

Where ‘The Resilient’ succeeds is in its musicianship, Betraying The Martyrs create chaotic pit starters from start to finish. The senseless brutality is on par with the metalcore elite. Then the little added layers of fiddly key melodies and ear-pricking synth rhythms just tweak each song from sounding like every other metalcore band. Where this album fails is that it is a long album of near enough the same format the whole way through. After a few tracks I’m aching for the band to throw me something a little different, which they did with ‘Won’t Back Down’, ‘Ghost’ and ‘Wide Awake’ but by then my attention was starting to waver.

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