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Have a listen to 'Legacy' and 'Through My Eyes'

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Bleed Again – Momentum

Release Date: 1st May 2017
Sliptrick Records

Bleed Again are a five-piece band hailing from Worthing, England, and they have just released their debut full-length album, Momentum’ through Sliptrick Records. Over the last couple months, they have been teasing material from the album by releasing videos for Through My Eye’s, Decimate’, which was premiered by Terrorizer and ‘Walk Through The Fire’, which was premiered by ‘Metal On Loud’. The reputation of the Worthing five-piece is growing across the south coast of the UK.

The style they play is a blend of Metalcore and New Wave of American Heavy Metal, drawing comparisons to the likes of genre heavyweights Killswitch Engage and Trivium in terms of sound and energy on stage. In The last few year’s Bleed Again have completed two successful tours and countless other shows including support slots with the likes of Soil, Darkest Hour and Devil Sold His Soul. 

What can you expect from Momentum’ is technical masterpiece riffs with ear melting drums and the vocalist James Dawson’s in your face vocals. My stand out tracks are Legacy’ and Through My Eyes’; With ‘Legacy’ I get that message where you build a legacy for yourself through the road and paths you build in life.Through My Eyes’ is about seeing a situation through someone elses eyes. Two simply names, powerful songs with thought provoking message.

You should also check out ‘Heart Of Darkness’ because of it captures those really heavy riffs and emulate what bands have influenced Bleed Again, plus it sounds similar to ‘Rose Of Sharyn’ by Killswitch Engage. ‘Happy Never Ever’ has those really melodic hooks with a catchy drum beat to get the crowd jumping along to the song, it shows a band who can keep the heaviness all the way through but maintain that difference to sing along anthems, ‘Through My Eyes’ and ‘Walk Through The Fire’.

Bleed Again have released a killer debut album which compares to ‘Alive Or Just Breathing’ by Killswitch Engage or even ‘Ember To Inferno’ by Trivium. Definitely worth checking out for all metal fans.

For Fans Of: Killswitch Engage, Trivium, Threat Signal.

Check Out Bleed Again new video for ‘Walk Through The Fire’:

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