So that time of year looms again when we are just a couple of weeks away from the mighty diverse Boomtown Fair. We are once again super excited for a weekend that for the past couple of years has blown our minds. The best way to describe the festival is like it’s a theme park, but instead of rides, there is music on stages that are some of the most unique out there, such as the Jolly Dodger folk stage that looks like a pirate ship or the Lion’s Den reggae stage that is designed like an aztec temple.

This year the festival grows even more, and it shows popular Boomtown now is as it has competely sold out in advance, 60,000 tickets sold in record time. If that doesn’t create buzz around the weekend we don’t know what will. From an interactive storyline that runs throughout the festival site to the most mind-blowing mega stages hosting an eclectic mix of musical acts;  including headlining performances from The Specials, Cypress Hill, MIA, Ziggy Marley and Toots & The Maytals.

Every year, the organisers go all out to wow us with set designs and crew to give each district an authentic atmosphere. Below is a map of the festival so you can checkout the layout, with each district having a different theme.



Town Centre

This is the pulsing heart of the city, the Town Centre is a melting pot of live bands from around the globe. Laden with musical legends and some of the most popular acts of the weekend, full throttle party bands and folk, ska, punk, balkan, hip-hop and 2-tone; no-one can help but be immersed in the Town Centre’s sizzling atmosphere. The Town Centre stage stands separately from the other districts. The stage shows its neutrality from genre definition by showcasing the best that all the other districts have to offer. Hand picking the top notch artists from each of the districts’ trademark genres. Reel Big Fish, Sublime With Rome and Skindred are certainly acts we can’t wait to see here.

Hidden Woods – Photo taken by Scott Salt

TrenchTown – (Reggae – Dancehall – Jungle)

TrenchTown is home to the best dub, reggae, dancehall and jungle at Boomtown. The district is spread across three venues: The Lion’s Den is the biggest and baddest temple of reggae, it is a sensory feast with cascading waterfalls, flaming towers and a ground shaking sound system in a spectacular natural amphitheatre. Hidden Woods is sound system culture under a leafy canopy of escapism, In the depths of the forest lies a magical and unexplored tropical island, with its very own beach bar and various hideaways for you to discover. Hosting all the best Dub, Reggae, Dancehall and Hip-hop live bands, the Hidden Woods is one part of Boomtown you would be gutted to miss if you’re up for a party. Tangled Roots stage featuring the finest dub and reggae selectors.

boomtown oldtown

Photo taken by Daisy Brassington

OldTown – ( Gypsy Fusion – Balkan Beats – Pirate Music)

A maze of meandering streets harbouring a myriad of mysteries…Envelope yourself in a global knees up of good-time gypsy folk and Balkan beats at the Oldtown Port; street theatre and circus in Buskers Wharf, and a whole new dimension of immersive experiences from the Invisible Circus!

An endless amounts of street venues masquerading as taverns, shops, rum houses and port buildings populate this district’s gnarly streets, where many a malevolent pirate roams… So beware! A stream of swashbuckling gypsy music from across the seven seas awaits any salty sea-dog willing to dance a jig or risk a wager.

OldTown’s story…

Old Town port always traditionally a haven for brigands and smugglers has been brought to heel by the central administration, restricting the flow of contraband and levying high taxes on all import / export goods. The port wall has been fortified and customs and excise patrol the harbour area alongside regime guards.

The mighty ship the Dodger, formerly a pirate vessel, has been occupied by regime forces and has it’s cannons trained squarely on the port side dwellings and the inhabitants thereof. Discontent is rife with the population, unrest and rumours of rebellion abound, the search for the Pirate captain Francisco has been fruitless and he remains at large despite the best efforts of the establishment to flush him out of hiding.

The taverns, shops, shady back streets and brothels abound with rumours and whispers of rebellion, with contraband severely restricted the salty old sea dogs and scurvy-ridden fisherwomen long for the return of the old days!

Wild West

Wild West – (Folk – World – Americana)

Step back in time, kick the dust from your spurs and swing open the saloon doors as you stomp your feet to some banjo bashing jigs and blistering bassline beats. This is the Wild West!

Inside the ultimate interactive Western, discover the best in new folk, blue grass and hillbilly acts in the many venues, saloons and doorways. Internationally renowned folk and world acts are hosted in pride of place on the Old Mines, but beware, these streets are ruled by the corrupt Sheriff and his cronies who love a spontaneous shootout showdown or hoedown to keep everyone on their toes! Ska acts Lead Shot Hazard and King Punch are top of our list to check out in this district.

Wild West’s Story…

Grab a nip of whisky at one of the local watering holes and set down your ten gallons. The gold mines may be closed but the showgirls of the west are still filling the saloons with regulars.

Watch your step around here – you needn’t mind the simple townsfolk but this is a hangout for bounty hunters, cowboys, prospectors, and bandits. The law may rule in this town, but that doesn’t mean corruption and scandal aren’t common too.

The Sheriff and his loose cannon of deputy Bane, are feared and respected for good reason. They have a reputation for a no-nonsense approach to enforcement and are the finest racketeers this side of the trails. Put a foot wrong and you’ll be stepping out ten paces in the dirt. Outlaws are not welcome in this part of the West, at least not without The Sheriff’s approval.

Photo taken by Scott Salt

Mayfair – (Vintage Remix – Swing – Soul)

Decadence, diamantes and Dom Perignon, be sure to invest some time in Mayfair’s Capitalist wonderland… A hot bed of stocks and shares, where money and consumerism are the only languages worth talking, welcome to the home of 1%-ers dhaaarling.

Discover a whole new world of materialistic luxuries with Vintage Remix, Funk & Soul and Soca populating the line-ups for The Ballroom, Bandstand, Park Hotel and Electrikal Sound System’s Sunday street party before transcending to dizzying heights at The Sky Bar to mingle with sordid bankers and reap the benefits of knowing all the right people in the right places…

Mayfair Avenue is the hub of high society with its swanky electro-swing clubs and live swing bands. Think Monopoly land but on acid.

Mayfair Avenue’s Story…

Fat cats, bonuses, tax breaks. Symbols of greed can be seen everywhere, from the grandiose buildings to the streets almost literally paved with gold. The residents in the decadent houses within the gated communities of Mayfair Avenue are Boomtown’s influential and elite.

A playground for the wealthy, this district is home to the 1% and a powerful banking dynasty. Behind the opulence and cabaret of its façade lurks something far more sinister, for it is believed that those in positions of importance desire even greater control. The rumours suggest that this secretive organisation, the Boominati, are governing the city, banks, and media in order to create and lead The New World Order.

Money is power, but it also allows you to spend it with reckless abandon. Boomtowns aristocracy may not want to share its wealth, but it’s more than willing to demonstrate it through outrageously lavish parties.

Whistler’s Green – (Folk – Funk & Soul – Reggae)

Discover the upgraded Windmill stage and all the incredible jazz, reggae roots and world fusion musicians to be found, as well as the intimate sessions in the Floating lotus! The mind, soul and conscience of the festival, Whistlers Green provides a huge variety for everyone. Home to the city’s most sought after living quarters, it’s brand new spacious camping meadows allow residents to simply roll out of their tent and wake up to morning sun reggae aerobics and stunning views over Downtown!

A joy for any age and party persuasion, workshops, activities, saunas, hot tubs, holistic healing fields, mindful spaces and hidden gems can be found in Floating Lotus and Lizard Lounge, as well as thought provoking talks and discussions in the Speakers’ Corner. Overlooking the festival, sunset opportunities are some of the best in the world, a visit here is an absolute must for all.

Kidztown – (Ska – Funk & Soul – Reggae)

HQ for all mini-boomers where it’s all about some serious playtime action and Kidztown has it all! From treetop adventures in the Forest School to interactive play and face painting in the shops and venues of the fully interactive street. Kidztown takes all the family friendly elements of the rest of the festival and bundles it up into a bite-size portion with a serene and soulful soundtrack provided by their very own Sandcastle Stage, hosting family friendly shows as well as artists big and small from main acts to bands specifically for the littler ears. See here for full line up and follow the Kidztown Facebook Page for updates!


Forest Parties – (Psy-Trance – Acid Techno – Roots Reggae)

Scattered throughout the city in the many wooded hideaways are seven totally unique forest parties. From psy-trance gatherings deep in the forest to the beachy vibes of the Hidden Woods; there’s an amazing amount of woodland to explore in this incredible Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty we are loaned to make our city. Make sure to pay homage to nature and celebrate in one of many sun-dappled hideaways.

Sector 6 – (Bass Music – Garage – Drum & Bass)

Since the disappearance of the Masked Man, the huge nuclear facility of Sector 6 has been in a state operational shutdown with no sign of life… However, there have been recent reported sightings of (alleged) Bang Hai Industry officials scoping out the toxic turbines and sealing off ‘damaged’ areas for ‘public safety’.

Outside the district boundary it’s a completely different story, with huge campsites overlooking this derelict complex, allowing those who choose to live in the area to take in this breath taking spectacle while keeping a safe distance…

Awesome in the truest sense of the word, this ‘Nuclear Facility’ has left jaws on the ground and disbelief thoroughly suspended by its debut outing as the Revolutionaries HQ in Chapter 8. Be prepared for even more to come in Chapter 9 with a Thursday debut from Elektrical Soundsystem to kick off proceedings!

DSTRKT 5 – Drum & Bass – Hardcore – Bass Music

In the corner of Downtown lies DSTRKT 5, where a history of alternative DJ culture awaits the intrepid explorer. Pioneers from the early 90s right through to present day trailblazers, this dystopian futuristic zone is primed and ready for a time- travelling journey into the depths of the unknown!

Ruled with a cyborg fist by the Mob Boss, Muuti, the steamy underworld of DSTRKT 5 is a no-go zone for authorities. Delve deep into the underworld for a journey through drum & bass, house, jungle and heavy bass in the abundance of mind-bending venues and shady sideshows.

DSTRKT 5 story…

DSTRKT 5 is a world filled with a bounty of illicit vices, existing below the gaze of the authorities it offers fleeting pleasures of all kinds, where little is off-limits and any fantasy can be indulged for the right price!

The D5 underworld of BoomTown, is a decaying sector ruled by Mob boss Muuti who continues to expand his criminal empire through the trade of illegal human modifications. Fusing scrap and Alien technology, the modifications set to enhance the human experience by increasing skills, abilities and powers beyond that of the average human ability.

Those who seek modification do so at their own risk, as each modification becomes increasingly addictive, as the addiction grows, so does Muuti’s wealth and power. 

Barrio Loco – (House – Techno – Hip-hop)

A feast for the senses, Barrio Loco explodes into a vibrating hive of creativity and skills with a whole spectrum of sounds thriving throughout the city’s most festive community. Playing host to a veritable smorgasbord of random street parties, aerial circus and bass booming dance venues, a diverse mash up of grime, house, hip-hop, bashment and more!

Welcome to carnival town! Barrio Loco brings you some badass bass music to soak up into your soul with Hip-Hop, Garage, Bass & House. Venues include; Poco Loco, the all-new house and techno stage Vamos and spontaneous street parties!

Barrio Loco’s story…

Barrio Loco is a district of Latino celebration. With its carnival atmosphere and the residents’ sense of passion, it is a coming together of neighbouring cultures, traditions may not be the same but spirits born of spice and fire are. Those in Loco look out for each other, community here is valued above all else.

As a daughter of the district, Comrade Jose’s ascent to power in 2014 was met with celebration throughout, she had become the mother of all nations of Boomtown. She was a symbol of hope and prosperity for everyone, and finally, her people would have a voice at the top at the Town Hall. Promises had been made during her campaign to direct much-needed city funds to the streets and communities of Barrio Loco  and a healthy period of rejuvenation was expected.

In 2015 the flames of enthusiasm were diminished as promises seemed to be forgotten. The only evident contribution from Comrade Jose to her district was a rich towering palace for herself, which is cruelly visible from as far as the eye can see. Whispers of dissent grew louder and louder, and the murals and tributes of Jose plastered on the walls and streets only served as a bitter fuel for the fast burning fire.

It is rumoured that it is in the heart of Barrio Loco where the Masked Man was first being harboured and many of the original members of the revolutionary army were recruited residents from this brooding district.

Photo taken by Tom Martin

Chinatown – Ska – Ska Punk – Punk

We’ve save the best district until last. Chinatown is where we spent most of our time each year and we’re certainly going to be back there a great deal this year, so a lot of our focus will be on that district. Chinatown’s music policy is strictly all things ska, punk, folk and all the weird shit in between and this is all thanks to the wonderful team in the Last Gang In Town who run the Devil Kicks Dancehall.

ChinaTown’s story…

Every major capital in the world has a district known as Chinatown and the city of Boomtown is no different. Although grown from an original Chinese settlement it has become a renowned place of commerce where all cultures and small businesses have come to trade their wares.

Chinatown is a bustling marketplace that pays homage to old and new technologies and is full of various health practices that serve both Western and Eastern mindsets. It is a living mosaic of senses, a heady brew of aromas and flashing signs linger in the air whilst the glow of adverts and billboards paint the streets in colour, battling for attention.

Littered with gaming arcades and interactive digital technology there is an ever present throwback to 16-bit consoles and characters.


There are plenty of bands we have seen in the past at Boomtown that are returning who we completely recommend, some of our favourites such as The Filaments, Faintest Idea, Popes of Chillitown, Millie Manders, China Shop Bull, Matilda’s Scoundrels, Wonk Unit, Inner Terrestrials and The JB Conspiracy, who have all blown us away in the past at Boomtown. Below is a collection of bands we completely recommend checking out, some being Boomtown newbies, others we just haven’t discovered until after last year’s festival. These are our top picks!

Photo Credit: Mark Richards

Maid of Ace – They are an all-sister punk band, hailing from seaside town HastingsDelivering crusty punk with a hardcore vibe, think The Distillers with some real british grit. Taking influence from the traditional era of punk crossed with the Epitaph era of the Californian punk scene. The Broken Arrow team has followed them strongly since their earliest shows over a decade ago

Nosebleed – Punk n Roll from Leeds, A trio that blends raw punk with old school rock & roll grooves. Dressed in suits, they look rather dapper,  but don’t let that fool you, they are full of intense energy and are ready to destroy venues.

Pizzatramp Mark Richards

Photo Credit: Mark Richards

Pizzatramp – Quite simply, fast and aggressive punk from Wales with rather short songs that will create all kinds of chaos in a room. Nothing is taken seriously and they are thoroughly entertaining live with the between song banter and rather silly song topics.

Just Say Nay Ska

Just Say Nay – The Kent-based eighteen legged monster that is Just Say Nay packs a lot of punch as they deliver a sound that was closer to skacore, or at least a grittier edged form of ska-punk. They do an pretty fun cover of Muppets Treasure Island song ‘Cabin Fever’.

Astroid Boys – The sore thumb in the crowd, welsh rappers Astroid Boys bring the grime-punk tones to Chinatown, like a more aggressive version of Chinashop Bull, just without the ska vibes. Popular in the hardcore scene thanks to their riff-fueled anthem ‘Dusted‘, but dominantly they are known for their lyrical blastings. An interesting choice but outstanding to watch live.

Tree House Fire – a 5-piece reggae/dub band that play their own style of upbeat, catchy songs with infectious hooks, soothing grooves and stomping beats, tailor-made to get you moving! Reggae dub with ultra chill vibes is as simple as we can put it. If you need a break from the frantic riffs and up tempo beats of punk that dominates Chinatown, then Tree House Fire are the jam to relax to.This will be the most kicked back set you’ve seen all year.

Casual Nausea – Noisy bunch from Ipswich! Providing multi vocalists and various musical influences and ability, focusing on ‘fun’. Formed in 2012, Casual Nausea consider themselves to be a “Glorious frantic mess. More a group or friends or some sort of deranged punk rock family than a band”.  Think along the lines of The Exploited and The Casualties. Playing fast punk rock because its all they know (and they’ve got nothing better to do!).

Other artists we urge you to check out include: Bar Stool Preachers, Rat Bag, Joe Tilston, Jake Martin, Captain Hotknives, Last Edition and Cointing Coins.


(note there will be the odd last minute changes and lots of surprises that don’t get announced)



Lion’s Den

Ziggy Marley / Toots & The Maytals / The Bonner Brothers (Chaka Demus & Pliers, Richie Spice, Spanner Banner, Snatcha Lion, Shepherd Bonner) / Mr Vegas / Protoje / Lutan Fyah / Big Youth + U-Roy  / Raging Fyah / Agent Sasco & Dub Akom Band / Jah9 & The Dub Treatment / Earl Gateshead with Dawn Penn + Soom T / Gentleman’s Dub Club feat. Taiwan MC, Parly B & Eva Lazarus / Channel One / Jus Now / Iba Mahr & Harar Band / Stick Figure / Suns Of Dub / Solo Banton & Horseman with The Upper Cut Band / Ras Kwame / Chainska Brassika

Hidden Woods

Randy Valentine / Nattali Rize / Kingfisha / Runkus & the Old Skool Bond / Aries / Reggae Roast feat. Brother Culture / Chilean Reggae Ambassadors / Nice Up Takeover feat. Shepdog & Seani T, Mr Benn feat. Lorna King & Gardna, Ghost Writerz feat. Serocee & RTKAL, Blend Mishkin, Red Eye Hi-Fi feat. Fox & Kiva, Cut La Vis, AAA Badboy Vs Dub Boy (Soca Set), Riddim Punx, Origin One & Parly B, Jahkron / By The Rivers / Shanti Powa / Kioko / They Say Jump / Fleck + Selecta-JMan / Kelvin 373 / Kaotic Kartel / Prank Allstars / Urban Lions / Hotsteppas / Midnight Zu

Tangled Roots

Channel One / DJ Vadim / V.I.V.E.K. / Riddimwize – Rsd & Hippy Lee Feat. Joe Peng / Uncle Dugs / Skitz & Joe Burn Feat. Inja & Jman/Delhi Sultanate (bfr Sound System) / Gold Dubs / Lion Unit (lionpulse + Unit 137) / Danny T Feat / Tradesman & Parly B / Sinai Sound / Real Roots Feat. Ramon Judah / Elektrikal Sound / Jim Bitch / Disorda / Jam Jah Sound Feat. Lionart / Escape Roots / Leo Samson Feat. Shumba Youth / Sleepy Time Ghost & Friends / Hylu Feat. Zico, A.p Grimshaw & Kosher / Ed West / Jago / Galak Spiritual / Hempolics (dj Set) / Evermoor Sound / Sasha Steppa / Rubberdub Sound / Hold Tight Records / Showcase / Samedia Shebeen / Fat Stash / Dub Time


The Windmill

Gilles Peterson (DJ Set) + Earl Zinger / Dub FX / Benjamin Zephaniah & The Revolutionary Minds / Portico Quartet / GoGo Penguin / Soweto Kinch / Sons Of Kemet / The Comet Is Coming / Jesse Royal / Liam Bailey / Mike Love / Brinsley Forde, Founder Of Aswad / Liam Bailey / DJ Format / Nomade Orquestra / Ariwo / Beating Heart /  SK Shlomo / United Vibrations / Stagga & Magugu / Laid Blak / Nérija / Afro Cluster / Reggaerobics

Floating Lotus

Baby Queens / Elder Island / Anjelo Disons / Holly Holden y Su Banda / Kit Hawes and Aaron / Catlow / New Daze / Steamchicken / Stillhouse / The Inexplicables / Kenta Hayashi / Cave Mouth / Dojo / Yusufla / Cara Means Friend / Subgiant / Color Colectif / Tashkezar / First World Pros / The Barefoot Bandit / Animanz / Almatic / Phosphenes / Kid Kosmic / Hoopy Frood / Toddler / Jausme / Just Flynn

Sandcastle Stage
Sam & The Womp / Kid Carpet / Beans On Toast / Mr B The Gentleman Rhymer / Zappatron presents the Lo-Fi Funky Space Quest / Junior Jungle / Mighty John Street Ska Orchestra / The Inexplicables / The Tribe / The Brooklyn Healer / Gorilla Breakdance / Ras Bobo


Old Mines

Frank Turner / Alabama 3 / Newton Faulkner / Eliza Carthy & The Wayward Band / Kíla / Mbongwana Star / The Wurzels / Rev Peyton’s Big Damn Band / Kumbia Queers / Heymoonshaker / Chris Wood / The Furrow Collective / Beans On Toast / Mad Dog McRea / The Breath / La Inedita / 47Soul / Lakuta / Sheelanagig / Showhawk Duo / Noble Jacks / Holy Moly & The Crackers

Rusty Spurs

Jim Jones & The Righteous Mind / Ferocious Dog / Rusty Shackle / The Eskies / Moonshine Wagon / Dana Immanuel & The Stolen Band / The Boot Hill All Stars / The Black Hearted Riders / Mick O’Toole / Imprints / Surfin’ Birds / True Strays / John D Revelator / Dirty Diesel Outlaw Orchestra / Inbredz / Hightown Crows / Black Water County / Dry White Bones / The Back Wood Redeemers / Hodmadoddery / Captain Cactus & The Screaming Harlots / Shootin the Crow / Grandpa Joe and the Chicken Livers / Andrews & Hammond / Devils Damn String Band / The Dooks / Sam Raine

Crazy Calamities

Afro Cluster / Sounds Of Harlowe / Captain Accident / Junior Bill / King Punch / The Tribe / Krupa / Primo Nelson / The Iguanas / Agbeko / Basement 83 / Solomento / The Special Brew / 6foot7 / Mighty John Street Ska Orchestra / King Sub / The Sneak Eazies / Matt Montez Duo / The Whiskey Rebellion / Pareidolia / The Hat Club / Solomento / Slim Pickings Band / The King Solomon Band / C**ty Bumpkins / Solid Gone / Kid Kosmic / The Bare Souls / The Wooden Men / Lead Shot Hazard / Bluetown Rumble / Easy Stride Band / Eat The Evidence / The Railway Sleepers

Wrong Side of the Tracks

Dr Meaker (Dj Set) / Phibes Mandidextrous / Selector Spinach / Titan sound Shosh (24 hour Garage Girls) / Dapper Dan / Sinai soundsystem takeover / Pull up collective b2b Monroller / Gorilla Tactics Takeover / Underkind ft. Norfolk MC / Jah Prang b2b Scratch Bandikoot / Tommy D b2b Binksy Super Sunday Funday with Uncle Dugs, Billy ‘Daniel’ Bunter & Friends / Hot Cakes VS Tumble Audio Showcase – Cut and Run / DevelopMENT, Fish, Hybrid Theory (Hotcakes) – Lucent b2b Deadbeat UK b2b Hadean b2b Hank Limit feat MC Forca (Tumble)



Devil Kicks Dancehall

Legendary Shack Shakers / King Prawn / Planet Smashers / The Dreadnoughts / The Resignators / Los Fastidios / The Creepshow / Subhumans / Inner Terrestrials / The Filaments

The Generators / Reno Divorce / Blaggers ITA / New Town Kings / JB Conspiracy / Bar stool preachers / Faintest Idea / Petrol Girls / P.A.I.N / Pronghorn / Captain Hotknives / Counting Coins / Wonk Unit / Back to the Planet / China Shop Bull / Matilda’s Scoundrels / Firepit Collective / Pizzatramp / Casual Nausea / Rat Bag / Atterkop / Maid of Ace / Last Gang in Town DJs

Chinatown Courtyard

The Dualers  / Astroid Boys  / Maroon Town / Top Cats / Spin Te Ku / Trashtucada / Empatee du Weiss / Cut Capers / Los Albertos / Mad Apple Circus / The Downsetters / Goldmaster Allstars / Nanofish Dippers / Los Dueños / Jeramiah Ferrari / The Turner Brothers / The Stiff Joints  / The Meow Meows / Solko / Count Skylarkin / Skata Tones / Town Of Cats / Dub The Earth / Upbeat Sneakers / Big Red Ass / Sea Bass Kid / Unknown Era / Tree House Fire / Cartoon Violence / Millie Manders / Last Edition / The Activators  / Just Say Nay

The Last Stand

The Hydropaths / The Brewer’s Daughter / Mercurius Rising / Efa Supertramp / FFTP / Joe Yorke / Fabian Maddison / Will Wood / Tim Loud / Jake and the Jellyfish / John Fairhurst / Perkie / Jake Martin / Nosebleed / Joe Tilston / Adam Kahn

Freak Boutique

Autonomads / One Eyed God / Rev Schnider and His Band of Angels  / Petrol Bastard



Arrested Development / Eskorzo / Hepcat / Hoffmaestro / The Original Blues Brothers Band / Reel Big Fish / Sam & The Womp / The Showhawk Duo / Ska’N’Ska / Skindred / Slightly Stoopid / Smokey Joe & The Kid feat. Mystro / Sublime With Rome / Sugarhill Gang with Grandmaster Melle Mel & Scorpio’s Furious 5 / Wax Tailor / The Wurzels


Oldtown Port

Los Colorados / Sonido Vegetal / Worldly Savages / This Way To The Egress / UFOslavians / Crash Nomada / Gypsy Ska Orquesta / Los Kamer / Batov Records Takeover: Kaligola Disco Bazar, Gypsy Hill, Chavo, Kool Tur, The Discount Orchestra, The Din, Cherry Bandora, DJ Kobayashi / Duncan Disorderly & The Scallywags / Seas Of Mirth / Buffo’s / Wake / Ushti Baba / Solana / Balkan Hotsteppers / El Gadze / Poor Old Dogs / Aelfen / Forest Of Fools / The Balkanoes / Infinite Collective / The Dead Maggies / Balkan / Wanderers / The Folkestra / Hedge Gods

Buskers Wharf

The Syndicate Sideshow / My Bad Sister / Pyratrix Circus / Ramshackliscious / Daniella D’Ville and Big Grey / Francesca Mari / Street Milk / Chasing Whiskey / Sarah Slater / Stickleback Plasticus / Molly Orange / Charlie Bicknell / The Crew / Georgie Price / Antonia Gonzalez / The Brothers Swag / Backyard Rhythm Orchestra / Gynormous Rawkus / Rasking Bobo / Jeremy Tuplin / MaxFire / Matt Valentine / Lou Dacques / Anthony Jaquin / Marcus Lewis / Head hackers / Allan huge shame / Jay Smift / Ulysses / MissRadida / Misstress vex / Sister Strange / Kristina Carpe Diem / Postal Posse  / Pridy Rose Tattoo / Jack the Clipper  / People’s Front Room / Twisted Fairground / Gypsy Disco / Grandma’s Living Room / Rimski’s Scrapyard / Thomas Crook /The inconvenience superstore (BANG HAI PLC)  / Shamrock / Smugglers Den / Da Graaff’s Reformatory / The Library/ Doris Doos Olbitchuary Office / Lucky Cat Musement /  Zodiac Disco Klub / Boomtown Bobbies / Behind Bars / The Job Centre

Psychedelic Forest

Astrix / Ace Ventura / Berg / GAUDI / Juno Reactor / Ott & The All-Seeing I




Bang Hai Tower

Bang Hai
Black Sun Empire / Break / Butterz Takeover – Swindle, Elijah & Skilliam, Champion and MC Serious / DJ Cartier / Dj luck & Mc Neat / Exit Records presents…D-Bridge, Skeptical, Alix Perez, Fracture SP:MC / Heartless Crew / Holy Goof / My Nu Leng & Dread Mc B2B TQD / Redlight / Roska B2B Murder He Wrote / Rusko / Skepsis


Aphrodite / Caspa / Deekline B2B Ed Solo / Dub Phizix & Strategy / Freestylers / Gutterfunk Takeover (Dj Die, Addison Groove, Dismantle), Loefah / Mampi Swift / Randall / Ray Keith / Schlachthofbronx / Star.One / Storm / Utah Saints

Amen4Tekno Raggatek Shutdown: Mandidextrous, Matt:Scratch, T-Menace / Billain vs Broken Note / Block Dodger vs Volatile Cycle vs Barbarix / Chris Liberator & Sterling Moss LIVE / Deathmachine vs Dolphin / Destructive Tendencies / E- Coli / Eatbrain League X Jade b2b L33 b2b Agressor Bunx feat. Coppa / Ed Cox / Forbidden Society / Freddy Frogz / Hellfish vs The Speed Freak / Jubwise / Limewax VS Thrasher / Mark EG / Matt Acidic / Mattykore / Nicky Blackmarket / Panacea VS Gancher and ruin / R – Zac (Crystal Distortion & 69db) / Ronin / SP23 Takeover / Stivs / The DJ Producer – LIVE / The Sickest Squad / Vandal VS Floxytek

Sewage Workz

Andy Skopes / Bailey / B-Key / Breakforce One / dgoHn / DJ Future / F000l / Green Bay Wax Takeover: Kid Lib, Dwarde, Percussive P, Bazia / Jungle Syndicate and Amen-tal Takeover: Raggamuffin,, Doomham, Wombcorps, Bluntly Speakin, Tiny Taste, Beyz, Cervical Snare, Pixl / Mozyk Takeover: Brokoli, Marcanta, Ghost / NoizyAzFuck / Optimystic / Paradox

Phuture-T / Ricky Force / Scrase / Shitwife / Skitzaphonic / Smyla / Spinscott / Supa Ape / Tech Itch / Threshold b2b Theory / Triple Sickz


Amy Becker presents Acrylic  / Boston / F-Block / Ghetto Funk Takeover: Chicken Brothers, Dancefloor outlaws, DJ Leroy & Cozzie Watt, Howla, Joss Jinx (Disco Funk Set), Spinforth Hosted by Profit & Natty Speaks / Itchy & Skratchy Dj’s / Kasparov / Rutherford / Saucy Records – Barely Royal & bunny, Inkline,Tru Fonix,Underground Traffic,Licked! / SWU FM Takeover / The Sultan


Ed Rush & Audio presents Killbox / Ed Solo b2b Deekline / Kelvin 373 / King of the Rollers – Serum, Bladerunner, Voltage, Carasel / Lowqui / Mefjus B2B Emperor / Optiv & BTK / Phace  / S.P.Y / Shogun Audio Takeover (Friction, Icicle live, Spectrasoul, Rockwell, Technimatic, Joe Ford, Fourward) / Shy FX & Stamina MC / The Prototypes / Toddla T & DRS / Wonka & Syn / Xtrah



Alfresco Disco / Ben Ufo & Mr Scruff & Joy Orbison / Boddika / Bodhi / Booka Shade – Live / Boys Noize / Carl Craig / Dave Clarke / dusky / House Gospel Choir / Monki / Shapes / Solorado

Poco Loco

Aj Tracey / Amy Becker / Asian Hawk / Bobbie Johnson / Chali2na & Krafty Kuts / CW Jones / Deadplayers Vs Problem Child / Donae’o / Dr Syntax & Pete Cannon / Elf Kid / Ellis Meade / Eva Lazarus / Gardna showcase Parly B, Inja, J-man / IAMDDB / Inja / Jungle Brown / LayFullStop / Loyle Carner / Taiwan MC / Mr Thing / My Bad Sister / Ocean Wisdom / The Four Owls

24 Hour Garage Girls

A-Bee / Audio Gutter / Cellardore / Deadbeat ft. Forca / Dr Cryptic / Gash b2b Hadean / Gorilla Tactics Takeover / In:flux Audio Takeover / Inflatable Fuhrer / Leisure Centre Takeover / MC KIE PRESENTS: Legends of the Old Skool LIVE PA ft. Sweet Female Attitude, MC Kie, Dennis G & MC Vapour / Mikey B / Off Me Nut Takeover / Rutherford ft. Mark Kidd / Shosh / Stavros MC & Dert Bagginz / Vital Techniques ft. MC Pean / WamJam / WittyBoy


The Ballroom

Alice Francis / LMZG (Lamuzgueule) / GinkGoa / Smoove & Turrell / Kansas Smitty’s House Band / Mr B The Gentleman Rhymer / The Ska Vengers / Honeyfeet / The Allergies  / DJ Chris Tofu / Brass Off: Dat Brass Vs Bring Your Own Brass / Mr Tea & The Minions / Phil Mac Orchestra / Miss Kiddy / Swingers / Mista Trick (Live) / 12 Stone Toddler / DJ Hiphoppapotamus / Indian Man / Steamchicken / Crinkle Cuts / Mama Jerk & The Ladyfingers / Smith & The Honey Badgers / World’s Tallest DJ / Fandjango

Swing Patrol – Swing Dance Class

Mayfair Street Party with Electrikal Sound System

Dutty Moonshine / Big Swing Sound ft Hypeman Sage / Jamie Berry / C@ In The H@  / Danny Wav / Cat Jam

The Bandstand

Hallouminati / Gypsy Unit / Imperial Leisure / Colonel Mustard & The Dijon 5 / Phat Bollard  / Mango Rescue Team / BYOB / Dat Brass / Faith I Branko / Op Sa! / Hardcore Hornography / Jaye and Foe Band / Binbag Wisdom

The Park Hotel

The Massive Soca Takeover feat Jus Now, Dub Boy & Atik2 + AAA Badboy  / Laid Blak / Eva Lazarus & The Afronaughts / Chris Munky & Inja / DJ Cheeba / Vibe Roulette / The 45’s / Big In Lights / Bring Your Own Brass / DJ Boundary – Swing City / Lounge Cat Ideals / Richard Cordle – Black Pimps On Acid / Rum Buffalo


Check out this playlist of Boomtown Artists we can’t wait for, sadly not every artist we recommend is on Spotify, but all these bands are worth making note of

Who and what are you looking forward to seeing or doing at this year’s festival, let us know in the comments below