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Have a listen to: "Night Stories" and "Lost & Found"

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Boy Jumps Ship – Wake Up

Release Date: 22nd April 2016
Amazing Record Co.
iTunes: http://apple.co/1U8xcm6

If you’ve been lacking a straight to the point, no-fuss rock band in your life, then you’ve come to the right place. Newcastle’s four piece Boy Jumps Ship have built up a reputation for their energetic live performances since stepping onto the music scene in 2010 and much to their fans delight, have finally decided to create their debut album. The band have toured with the likes of Young Guns, We Are The Ocean and Only Rivals and it’s extremely evident that they’ve taken little pieces of inspiration from each of these bands to fabricate this album.

The moment ‘Burn‘ begins, you’re smacked round the face with hard-hitting riffs and a wave of energy rushes over you. The angsty lyrics paired with the punchy guitars and powerful drums are bound to make you feel nostalgic, with the song’s structure being something that would resonate well with late 90’s/early 2000’s rock and punk-rock fans. The same is to be said with ‘Lost & Found‘, the band’s second single to be released off of the new album. The song reeks of angst, with the melodious riffs and catchy lyrics catching your attention from the get go. Having heard this song previously before looking into the band, I was shocked to find out that they hailed from Britain, as this song exudes the most Californian, beachy guitar riff going.

The whole album is an abundance of addictive, memorable hooks – but nothing less is to be expected of Larry Hibbit, who’s worked with the likes of Marmozets and Nothing But Thieves and has done an absolutely bang up job on the production. This album has something for everyone, with pop-punk anthems such as ‘Turn Up The Radio‘, ‘Make You Proud‘ and ‘No Tomorrow‘ and melodic alt-rock tracks like ‘Hell‘ and ‘Under Your Skin‘, there’s no excuse not to give it a listen.

The band also show that whilst they can chuck out some high-energy rock bangers, they can switch it up and tug on your heartstrings when need be. ‘Night Stories‘ slightly mimics the style that Brand New are so well-known for, with the song featuring a mellow guitar paired with Si Todd‘s passionate vocals and desperate, emotional lyrics such as “I hope that someday I will see your face again”. This is a tune you can visualise the crowd swaying their lighters along to whilst the couples at the gig snuggle into one another; it’s bound to turn the waterworks on.

The last lyric on the album is “I’m not leaving” and that better be the case, because this band should be here to stay for many years to come. If you know what’s good for you, you better get over to iTunes and buy this album now.

For fans of: Young Guns, The Xcerts, Man Overboard