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Breaking Point plus Survival, Ego Trip, Insist and Day Of Rights
Venue: Wagner Hall
Date: 23rd May 2015

Wagner Hall on Lewes Road in Brighton might not be your average music venue, but this community hall has been the home of CTW Fest for the last couple of years and most recently been the host venue for Breaking Point’s final show.

It is quite a sad reality when bands as popular as Breaking Point decide to call it a day – even more surprising as their album ‘Set To Burn‘ only came out last October – however  it is a firm reminder to catch a band when you have the opportunity before it is too late.

Day of Rights kicked the night off with their very aggressive, old school hardcore sound, straight to the point and with a lot of angst. As a band Day of Rights are still very new to the scene but are slowly building a rep for themselves. Producing some of the heaviest riffs of the night, you just had to look around to see the majority of the crowd banging their heads in appreciation. I urge any fans of straight up, balls to the wall New York style hardcore to check out Day of Rights.

Manchester “youth crew” outfit Insist picked up the tempo with more of an energetic approach, eratic shouts and punky riffs. All of the right ingredients to invite a bit of crowd craziness as a few enthusiasts moved about with side to sides and 2-steps to the fast paced grooves.

Ego Trip replaced Blind Authority on the bill – not exactly strangers to playing in Brighton so I expected to see a bit more of a crowd response to the Southern Rise lads but in all honestly the audience was surprisingly quite stagnant (apart from a few people up for moving around). Similar to Insist, Ego Trip kept the tempo high with more fast paced riffs and aggressively eratic vocals as they performed tracks from their EP ‘Alter Ego and their 2013 Demo.

Another Manchester band was next up and Survival are currently up there as one of the most popular bands in the UK hardcore scene over the last couple of years. Flaunting their straight edge values, Survival performed the majority of their music catalogue which just showed how short their songs really are. Again, very high tempo, full of energy and fast lyrics with fast riffs to match them. Only this time there was a lot more chaos as the vocalist demanded more from the audience, taunting everyone to give the camera man some decent footage. Without needing a 2nd invitation, a lot more of the crowd got involved, moving around and doing silly walks and dances. This gave very entertaining sights from both the band and the audience. To finish of their set Survival played ‘Razors Edge‘, with the trade mark “forged in iron, set in stone…..” shout out that caused plenty of fans to grab the microphone and jump on top of each other. This was a highly enjoyable set.

Finally Breaking Point were up next! The audience was getting rowdy from the moment the band was just about ready to start and the pit was vicious from the moment ‘Overshadowed‘ kicked in. Arms flailing, spin kicks, people jumping into the fans at the side, you would expect nothing less from a Breaking Point set. Following up with ‘Judgement‘, the 2-steps filled the pit, and near the end of the song, Hardout’s vocalist Josh Bennett did a worm in the middle of the pit. ‘War‘ brought back the sheer violence, Louis only has to utter the words “oohhh shiiit” and the pit erupted into a warzone.  Throughout the set chaos didn’t let up, with violent pits, fans dancing throughout the set and grabbing the mic for the shout-out in ‘Stepping Stones‘. The energy and atmosphere was absolutely relentless as Breaking Point bust out songs old and new, from their first EP all the way up to last year’s ‘Set to Burn‘. Breaking Point finished of the night with ‘Life Sentence‘, very similar to ‘Survival‘ and another moment of madness as people bombarded each other to shout the words “this is my life sentence”. It was an ncredible send off for the Southern Rise outfit and it is rather crappy to see them go, but I guess it is best to end it on a high than to keep going for the sake of it. RIP BxP, you will be missed!