South Carolina pop-punk band Brigades have announced plans to release a new acoustic EP titled Our Lives Unfold on 30th March via Pure Noise Records.

Sounds pretty sweet, right?

You can pre-order the new EP at

The band have also released a lyric video for their latest song ‘Under My Skin’ which you can watch here:

Brigades latest offering, Our Lives Unfold, features beautiful, acoustic renditions of fan favorite tracks ‘The Writing On The Wall‘ and ‘Small Time Crooks‘, and two new songs, ‘Bruiser‘ and the newly released ‘Under My Skin‘.

Our Lives Unfold was a little project that Charlie Jackson and I have been wanting to do for a while to show a different/softer side to the Brigades,” adds Young. “Things just never worked out in earlier attempts. We recorded this in the middle of recording our full-length. We’re a couple of night owls, so we figured we’d just knock it out while we had the time. We’d been working really hard, so it added some fun to the mix. I’m proud of it and grateful for the opportunity to get that out.”


Stay tuned!