Broken Arrow Magazine has been a publication for almost three years, and we felt now is the right time to get involved with the ‘Publication turns promoter’ trend. So, Broken Arrow Magazine is putting on a two day weekend event at Palace in Hastings on March 23rd and 24th. These two days will feature a mixture of ska and punk bands from across the UK, some of our favourites in the DIY scenes in both fields.

The idea behind ska and punk, even though we cover all sorts of alternative music, including rock and metal is based on the popularity of our ska and punk coverage over the last couple of years. Some of the bands we have booked have been some of the most read features on our site. However, if this event is successful, we already have another event in mind for something a little heavier later in the year, we shall see how this goes first.

Check out the lineup and details about each band below

Broken Arrow's Palace Takeover


Millie Manders and the Shut Up

We’ve caught Millie Manders and the Shut Up quite a few times over the last year or so and every time she and everyone else puts in their all to entertain us with their punchy and attitude fueled ska punk. It’s always fun and always balanced out with a bit of angst. With that in mind we are thrilled to announce that Millie Manders will headline the opening night.

What we have previously said about Millie Manders and the Shut Up: “The sun was blaring and it just felt right to have a dance around to some chirpy ska anthems. Manders was ever so smiley as always, appreciative of everyone there. That excitement oozed through her charismatic performance as she opened with the soulful ‘Little Big Mouth’, though she threw in her aggressive side for ‘Teddy’, unveiling some quite monstrous roars. It was the full package of fun and angst.”
Twitter: @MillieManders

Check out the video for ‘Teddy’

Riskee and the Ridicule

Kent’s Riskee and the Ridicule play “grime punk”, it’s an odd concept to consider, but it works in a similar way that Deez Nuts works in hardcore. Even though the lads released an album way back in 2014, they only caught our attention as late as last year with their album, ‘Blame Culture’ and since then we’ve seen them on festival lineups such as Undercover Festival,  Xmas Skankfest, Turbulence and more in 2017 alone. 2018 looks to be even etter as Riskee and the Ridicule are set to play Camden Rocks and Mighty Sounds festival along with releasing their EP ‘ They Need Us To Believe’ on January 26th, with plans for a full album later in the year.

What we’ve previously said about Riskee and the Ridicule:Riskee and The Ridicule fall into this category by blending punk, grime and indie influences. ‘Nobody Likes Us’, where we are treated to crunchy guitars and hard hitting beats, it’s rather heavy but simplistic. The twist comes in with rapping vocals on top of the gritty punk tones. Most of the tracks are party anthems, yet ‘Molotov Cocktails’ takes a darker edge and sounds closer to a Hollywood Undead hit. The rapping lyrics are aggressive and dramatic, and the chorus is equally as captivating as the others but it’s a lot more melodic and entrancing.
Twitter: RiskeeRidicule

Check out ‘Nobody Likes Us’


Hailing from Kent, Spoilers is another group of four long-time friends who have shared stages playing in separate bands from their local music scene. The Canterbury lads are the type of act that will let you believe they are pop punk band then, hit you hard with a dose of melodic hardcore. They deliver catchy vocal melodies, mixed with riffs that are just as at home now as they would be in the early Snuff period, all played with an energy that rivals the likes of Gorilla Biscuits and Osker.

What we previously said about Spoilers: “The kent punks still kept up to pace by delivering a wave of traditional British punk and California skate punk, emulating the likes of Snuff mixed with NOFX, it sounded like it was direct from 90s. Spoilers packed more high-energy hooks and catchy melodies while keeping us entertained with their between-song humour.”

Check out the video for ‘Stay Afloat’


just say nay

Just Say Nay

It took them a while to find the right lineup and sound, but Just Say Nay is definitely one of our top discoveries of 2017, so they were one of the first bands we wanted on this lineup. What you can expect from the band is infectiously catchy anthems, poppy melodies and fun sing-alongs, all with the added grittiness of ska-core done the United Kingdom way. The songwriting is so joyful.

What we previously said about Just Say Nay:The Kent-based eighteen legged monster that is Just Say Nay followed up with something that packed a lot more punch. They delivered a sound that was closer to skacore, or at least a grittier edged form of ska-punk. A song such as ‘Bouncer’ provided us withsome heavy, distorted hooks, crust-punk style vocals that reminded me of early Morning Glory and dominating brass melodies. ‘Low Blow’ on the other hand was a lot happier, with third wave ska tones and joyous “Lala Dadada” chants in the chorus, it was far more up beat.
Twitter: @Justsaynayband

Check out the ‘Logistical Nightmares’ EP


Skiv are relatively new to us, with a lineup that has consisted of members from ex-Dropthis, Skaciety, Cereal Box Heroes and Just Say Nay, that’s a hell of a dream team, providing us with some upbeat, melodic skate punk sounds that excite us. However, the lineup has had a bit of a shift around of members in recent months, losing Aiden Lamb and Dave Lewis in the process as they focus on their other projects. We still can’t wait to see these guys in action; we certainly expect a high energy start to our weekend!

Nova Twins – Photo Credit: Marieke Macklon

As a special treat, we have also booked Nova Twins for DJ set after party on the Friday. The rock duet was part of our Have You Heard? Class of 2016, and their EP ‘Mood Swings’ was included in our top 50 releases of 2017. But now we’re going to see what they are like behind a sound desk, providing us with some insight to their music tastes and curating skills.

What we previously said about Nova Twins:Mood Swings kicks off the EP in a raunchy mix of intoxicating rhythm and filthy distortion that I wasn’t expecting but it played right into my weird taste. The chorus is catchy with it’s rhythmic delivery of distorted dirty vocals. Clubs are not a priority for me but with more tracks like this I could be tempted into the sweaty dens of expensive drinks, yelled conversations and bad decisions.”
Twitter: @Novatwinsmusic

Check out this video for ‘Bassline Bitch’



Popes of Chillitown

Popes of Chillitown

London Ska Dub Punks, Popes of Chillitown were our first choice to approach when headlining this event. One of the most exciting ska bands we have seen live in recent years, who released one of the best albums we heard in 2015; it was a no brainer for us and we were delighted when they told us they were available. The London sextet can be awesomely described as the bastard love child of Capdown and Skindred, fusing the best of ska punk with some awesome dub and reggae influences, along with a lot of pent up angst. Their tracks are full of intense energy that will make you want to dance your ass off and fall in love with the brass melodies. We guarantee you will lose your shit to them live.

What we previously said about Popes of Chillitown: “It was madness, the Devil Kicks tent was incredibly full for moshing and skanking to the incredibly lively songs such as ‘Wisdom Teeth’ and ‘Dalking Man’. This set had everything from massive clap and singalongs to saxophone, trombone and guitar solos. Throughout the set, there were people diving off the barrier, some great, some rather embarrassing – even vocalist Matt Conner got involved with the insanity.”
Twitter: @popesofctown

Check out the video for ‘Wisdom Teeth’


Counting Coins

Counting Coins – Photo Credit to Ian Rook

In their own words, “Get ready to skank, pogo, mosh, jig, polka and maybe even waltz” – The sound of Counting Coins is highly energetic, combining the aggression of skacore, with the fun vibes of gypsy punk like Gogol Bordello. All of this is fronted by a blend of hip-hop raps and reggae like vocals too. Since forming in 2009, Counting Coins have steadily built up a reputation based on their raucously vibrant live shows, more times than not they steal the spotlight and get the crowds bouncing, whether it’s as a headline act or a support slot, they want everyone to have a good time and refuse to take no for an answer.

After the success of their 2010 E.P. release ‘Take the Ride’ and 2013’s ‘Reach for the Sky’, the Coins lads have been on a constant rampage across the UK and Europe tearing up support slots with  Sonic Boom 6, The New Town Kings,  Jaya the Cat, The King Blues, Random Hand, The Aggrolites, The JB Conspiracy, The Stiff Joints, Gogol Bordello and even NOFX as well as smashing up festivals such as Boomtown, Rebellion, Tramlines, Y Not, Galtres, and Freedom Festival along the way. In 2015 their debut self-titled album was considered their finest work and a reason we are so excited to have them; without a doubt you’ll be dancing around in no time.
Twitter: @counting_coins

Check out the video for ‘Don’t Look Down’


Eat Defeat

Eat Defeat comprises four lads from Leeds who share a love for delivering fast-paced skate punk songs blended with upbeat pop-punk melodies, creating a high-energy atmosphere. The band formed in 2010 as a continuation of then-defunct British ska-core band Kickback. Over time, members lost their taste for those ska influences and instead became more enamoured by the growing wave of melodic punk rock bands.

What we previously said about Eat Defeat: Eat Defeat changed the entire dynamic of what was already a wonderful occasion to a full blown fun frenzy. How did they do this? Beach balls, lots of them. It was beach ball mania as four punks dressed like they belong in Hawaii took to the stage in flowery shirts and shorts with a surfboard for a backdrop. Performing an uplifting set of tracks from their 2016 EP, ‘Time & Tide’, Eat Defeat thrashed out a fairly swift set of modern pop-punk hits due to taking a while to set up. To be fair most of us were distracted by the beach balls as they flew around the room, but the combination of the fast-paced punk music and activities really perked up the tone of the show.”
Twitter: @eatdefeatuk

Check out the video for ‘Shortcuts’

Ska band, The Pisdicables have had a difficult last year. Losing keyboard player Mike Crampton to a car accident was tragic to them and many in the ska punk scene, reading all the comments in interviews and features since his passing just shows how much he meant to this community. It’s a massive testament to him and the band that the Pisdicables are continuing and its safe to say we are thrilled they are free to play this event.

What we previously said about The Pisdicables: The Pisdicables provided The New Cross Inn crowd with a fine dose of ska punk for the afternoon. They were welcomed on stage to the biggest crowd of the day at that point. All sorts of joyful dancing and singing along ensued to the two-tone melodies. The floor was bouncing from all the skanking to tracks like ‘I Know, I know’ from The Pisdicables most recent album ‘Will We Never Learn?’. The ska punks threw in a cover of Rancid‘s ‘Old Friend’ for good measure, which certainly perked the crowd up even more than it already was. It was one of the most enjoyable sets of the day.”

Check out the video for ‘Comedown’

Aerial Salad band

Aerial Salad – Picture by Hold My Pint photography

Another fairly new act to us is Aerial Salad, the Manchester punk trio has been making waves up and down the country having been dragged on tour with the likes of Wonk Unit and playing the iconic Rebellion festival in 2017. The threesome deliver a range of raw gritty punk with catchy hooks, like a blend between pop punk and skate punk, some upbeat and infectious, others punchy and quite aggressive. It’s a fun mix, why not check out their 2017 album. ‘ Roach’ while you’re at it?

Check out ‘Headspace’

The Barracks

South Coast lads, The Barracks are in the mix providing a Californian punk-rock vibe. Expect some Bouncing Souls-esque fast punk hits. The Barracks are usually up for a laugh, having a bit of banter with the crowd and are quite often very drunk when we catch them. Past gigs have included seeing bassist Mark wearing a bucket on his head during a performance, and singing guitarist Luke performing so drunk he forgot the words. It’s always an entertaining experience catching these guys.

What we previously said about The Barracks: “The Barracks kick off their side with a big “GOOOOO” as they break into ‘Broken Hearts and Broken Bones’, which is possibly what you might get when this is played live. It is fast, energetic and full of proper punk grit, I can imagine some crazy moshing scenes erupting to the dirty sounding distorted riffs and raw sounding shouty vocals.”

Check out this video for ‘Home Town’


The Drunken Ramblings

“Rancid-esque street punk from West London”The Drunken Ramblings are a four-piece who sing about lost loves, too much beer and watching Star Trek on your tod.

What we previously said about The Drunken Ramblings:The Drunken Ramblings hit the stage in fine form. Pushing more of a punchier folk-punk sound mixed with skate punk. It was a lot wilder compared to Punka, the four-piece were far more energetic too. Guitarist Victor Elzer for one was everywhere, on stage, in the crowd, moving around endlessly, it was tiring just watching him. One highlight was when both guitarists, Elzer and Sober Dave came out into the crowd to play guitar while riding on someone’s skateboard.”

Check out the video for ‘Off Script’


Plot 32

Formed in 2017, this ska punk outfit has already made its way onto bills with Faintest Idea, Popes of Chillitown. Plus an early slot at Pie Race Festival. Expect some chirpy, tongue in cheek ska punk anthems that will get your knees up, including one titled ‘See You Next Tuesday’.

What we previously said about Plot 32: “Covers of Catch 22’s ‘Keasbey Nights’ and Vengaboys‘Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom’ that had the crowd bouncing a little and singing along early. The between song banter was rather amusing, and frontman, Stash, had a lively enough character to keep us all entertained by accidentally taking the mike stand apart, or jumping so hard the rack tom started to wobble. For a band so new, they were really tight, the brass melodies were captivating, the upstroke guitar rhythms were perky, it was a really good opening performance. “

Check out this live clip of their cover for ‘Take Warning’


When is it? 23rd and 24th March

Where is it? The Palace, Hastings

How much is it? Friday £5, Saturday £7, Weekend £10 (these are advanced prices, door prices will be higher)

Where can you get tickets?

Event page: