Manchester hardcore mob Broken Teeth have released the first single off their forthcoming album, ‘At Peace Amongst Chaos‘.

Listen to ‘Nothing Like You‘ here:

The band announced that they had inked a worldwide record deal with Nuclear Blast recently, as well as the release of their debut album, ‘At Peace Amongst Chaos‘. Along with producer Nick Jett (Terror) the quintet set out to lay down ten tracks of pure aggression and hatred towards modern society, inspired by some of the hardcore greats such as Madball and Sick Of It All. The stage is now set for Broken Teeth to take their heavyweight sound to a whole new level, with the forthcoming full-length offering being released on May 6, 2016.

Pick up the album on Limited Edition White Vinyl exclusively from the Nuclear Blast UK store here:

Alternatively, you can pick up the CD or standard vinyl from Amazon here:

Speaking about joining the NB family, the band commented: “This is something we never thought/expected to happen when we started writing music all them years ago. It’s a huge step forward for us as a band and as individuals, we’re all super excited to see what happens when we release this LP with Nuclear Blast Records. It’s all too surreal to have our band name next to some of our favourites like HATEBREED!” 

At Peace Amongst Chaos track list:

1. Take Me Away
2. Leach Regress To Snake
3. Stomp 2 Dust
4. At Peace Amongst Chaos
5. Witness Of Destruction
6. Nothing Like You
7. Show No Mercy
8. Lose My Grip
9. Prove You Wrong
10. Riot Of The Mind

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