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Have a listen to: "Fantasy Boys" and "Señora Borealis"

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BRONCHO – Double Vanity

Release Date: 17th June 2016
Purchase: https://www.districtlines.com/broncho

Based in Norman, Oklahoma. BRONCHO were formed in 2010 by vocalist/guitarist Ryan Lindsey, guitarist Ben King, drummer Nathan Price and bassist Penny Pitchlynn. Since their formation they have released 3 albums –  ‘Can’t Get Past The Lips’ which originally came out in 2010 but was re-released in 2013 by Fairfax Recordings, the second album ‘Just Enough Hip To Be Woman’ was released in 2014 via Dine Alone Records and received generally positive reviews from the music press. Now they return with new album ‘Double Vanity’ to showcase their constant growth as musicians.

With a lo-fi approach combined with incredibly ambient guitars reminiscent of 90’s Shoegaze/Dream-pop, lead single ‘Fantasy Boys’ epitomises this approach perfectly, making this the most ideal single for the record. The vocals from singer/guitarist Ryan Lindsey are hypnotic, as you find yourself immersed in this surprisingly short track, clocking in at only 03:00”. The album keeps a plodding, slow tempo as the band continue the trip with ‘I Know You’. As the album rolls on you can feel the influences seeping in more and more; bands such as The Jesus and Mary ChainSlowdive and Cocteau Twins but with an extra chunk of heaviness on BRONCHO’s guitars.

BRONCHO’s new album ‘Double Vanity’ is ideal for anyone that likes a bit of atmosphere with their music. There are certainly no frills on this record, yet the production remains masterful. Hear the track ‘Señora Borealis’ for a good example of how well the heavy fuzz guitars blend together beautifully with a blues-ey swagger. The tempo picks up slightly with ‘Speed Demon’ which channels a strong Iggy and The Stooges influence. Album closer ‘Wanna’ has the most contagious vocal hook in the chorus.

For the most part ‘Double Vanity’ is steeped in a melancholic sort of atmosphere, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s only to be played when you’re down in the dumps. It’s great music for any mood – you can give it your un-diverted attention and appreciate all the little nuances BRONCHO have to offer, or just put it on as background music and let it be the soundtrack to your day.

For Fans Of: The Jesus and Mary Chain, Iggy and The Stooges