Oklahoma’s Broncho have released ‘I Know You’, a stirring new track from their forthcoming ‘Double Vanity‘ LP, due June 17th via Dine Alone Records.

Listen to the track here.

Where tracks like Señora Borealis and Fantasy Boys arrived sensual, moody, with a sly, bad boy sneer and predatory swagger, ‘I Know You’ continues to mine the heart. “One guy in the band got married, another got divorced. So in this song we are weighing the pros and cons of marriage,” guitarist and frontman Ryan Lindsey explains of the romantic ideals behind the chugging guitar haze.

Double Vanityis an album that sees Lindsey and bandmates Ben King, Nathan Price and Penny Pitchlynn vigorously striding ahead, transforming the raw angst of their first record, ‘Can’t Get Past the Lips, and their irresistible second LP, ‘Just Enough Hip To Be Woman, into a sound decidedly more layered and complex. Tracks like ‘New Karma’ and ‘Two Step’ riff off the later explorations of punk, culling up refracted images of John Hughes prom nights, love songs echoing from a boombox held high. Elsewhere ‘I Know You’ is simultaneously infectious and brooding, but somehow both exalting and heartsick.

Broncho are set to tour America through May and June with Cage The Elephant and will land in the UK for a full tour this autumn.

Pre-order ‘Double Vanity‘ on iTunes here and receive an instant download of previously released tracks ‘Señora Borealis’ and ‘Fantasy Boys’.


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