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CABAL – Purge

Release Date: 7th March 2016
Prime Collective
Bandcamp: http://cabalcph.bandcamp.com/album/purge

In recent years, deathcore hasn’t been as popular as it was roughly five or six years ago; Suicide Silence certainly aren’t talked about as much as they once were. The sub-genre hasn’t exactly faded away, Martyr Defiled had a great input in 2014 with ‘No Hope No Morality’ and last year Thy Art Is Murder kept deathcore relevant with ‘Holy War’. Danish act CABAL are also trying to keep some focus on the sub-genre as the Copenhagen band put out their EP ‘Purge’.

With CABAL, you mostly get what you expect from any deathcore band – a pure, brutal sound from the breakdowns and the deep growls that really contain a dark and unsettling edge to them. Opening track  ‘Innocent Blood’ kicks off with some nice down-tuned grooves and double bass drum bursts that are reminiscent of djent-metal band Periphery. Then, lingering in the background, is an ominous melody that holds on to that unsettling atmosphere.

Throughout the EP, the grooves flow and the extremely sinister tone remains in every song. The most notable thing about CABAL‘s sound is the lack of  death metal influence, there are no fiddly little melodies similar to what Suicide Silence or All Shall Perish have come to use. In fact, it is closer to the initial sound that that deathcore grew from. CABAL stick to the roots of the sub-genre purely by making sure that eerie atmosphere is fluent, along with the simple chugs and vocals that go from deep grows to banshee-like screams.

‘Purge’ is a decent EP for evil sounding music – it’s great for a headbang but also may divide opinion for fans of deathcore. More recent acts have thrown in a lot more components to keep their sound fresh, Emmure for one, threw in electronic sound effects and bouncier beats to their heavy sound. Others use over the top guitars and if you want something more than simplistic chugs and deep growls then this EP might not be the one for you. If you just want something heavy to go nuts to, that is similar to modern day beatdown, then it’s worth a listen.

For fans of: Black Tongue, Oceano, Thy Art Is Murder, Thy Art Is Murder


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