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Have a listen to: " ‘Sylvester" and "Reality"

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Catch Fire – A Love That I Still Miss

Release Date: 24th March 2017
Rude Records
Amazon: http://amzn.to/2no6Qmx

Catch Fire are a five piece residing from Nottingham, UK. Their eight track sophomore release ‘A Love That I Still Miss’ is to be made available on the 24th March via Rude Records. A collection of songs that gives the band to “spill their thoughts onto a blank canvas” and present their reflections to the world.

We all know how the genre of pop punk is a difficult one to make sound unique and, granted, there are a lot of fundamental elements in the tracks from Catch Fire’s new EP that link towards other bands in the same line of music. Yet, despite being involved with a such a tough uniform genre, the group are sounding strong, with punchy vocals and pleasing riff progressions that has potential to expand and grow over time.

There’s a lot that has gone into this latest instalment from the group, it’s just a shame that it’s existing in a genre that is has proved to become a difficult one to stand out in. There’s so much potential, with tracks like ‘Sylvester’ embodying exciting rhythms and riffs, particularly around the break downs, which highlight their clear rock influence.

Tracks like ‘Reality’ showcase those progressive riffs that we’re all too familiar with from other UK pop-punk bands such as Neck Deep or Moose Blood. This release is a well-rounded addition to what could potentially become an accomplished pop-punk ensemble. With an engaging introductory song, which then progresses to end on ‘Sinking’: an easy-going instrumental track which brings the EP to a satisfying conclusion.

The tracks certainly demonstrate how clear it is that Catch Fire are ones to keep an eye on; evoking sounds that could be relatable with other UK based pop-punk newcomers like Trash Boat, Decade or Wallflower.

For Fans Of: Neck Deep, Knuckle Puck, Man Overboard

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