The combination of Be Sharp Promotions,  El Topo Bookings and Fishlock Promotions is working it’s way to building one of this summer’s most fun festivals. Just weeks ago Level Up Festival announced six names: The Filaments, The Foamers, King Prawn, Popes of Chillitown, Big D and the Kids Table and The JB Conspiracy, great acts for a ska punk festival.

This week the festival added a whole load more to get us all excited, including our favourite Ska-punk rave rockers, China Shop Bull, Ska/Dub/Punk outfit, Jakal, Belgian skacore outfits The Dancing Morons and Lead Shot Hazard, chilled out reggae act, Tree House Fire, the ever so bouncy ska punks, The Pisdicables and more impressive ska and punk bands.

The full lineup so far is as follows

Level Up Fest will be held at New Cross Inn, London from 21st to 23rd July

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