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Have a listen to: "You Are Your Friends" and "Take You Home"

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Chisel Beeches – In A Week, On A Whim

Release Date: 1st April 2016
Bandcamp: https://chiselbeeches.bandcamp.com/album/in-a-week-on-a-whim

Croydon-based rockers Chisel Beeches have just released their brand new EP ‘In A Week, On A Whim‘. Having never listened to these guys before, I was not sure what to expect.

The six-track EP kicks off with ‘Take You Home‘. The intro starts off heavy and at this point I am wondering how Chisel Beeches are going to sound. The intro leads me to believe that they are a heavy rock band but it appears from listening on that they are much more varied than this. The vocals on the first track seem more high-pitched than on the rest of the EP – reminiscent of Coheed & Cambria vocalist Claudio Sanchez. Overall this track is great; it’s a typically catchy rock song with sweet hooks and foot-tapping riffs. It’s no surprise Chisel Beeches released this as their latest single.

Making me feel 15 again is the third song ‘Tracy‘. It has that indie-rock meets pop-punk feel, reminding me of going to early All Time Low gigs and just, generally, being a teenager. Chisel Beeches state that this EP is all “relatable tracks about being young and awkward” – I definitely feel that with this track. I can imagine this song being great for a singalong/crowd participation at live shows.

You Are Your Friends‘ is definitely one of my favourite tracks off of the EP. It starts off slow with a nice guitar lick interrupting the calming vocals in the intro. Then the drums begin and the track becomes ska-meets-indie. This is one of the catchier efforts on the EP and I really enjoy the ska sound it has to it.

Bloke Next Door‘ ‘You’re Boring‘ and ‘Ghosts‘ all have that typical indie/pop-punk sound. Although they are all well written and not bad songs at all, I didn’t find them to be particularly stand-out tracks.

For a fairly new band, who only got together in 2014, this is not a bad effort at all. There are a couple of really catchy rock songs on this EP that definitely have single potential, however, with only six tracks to choose from it would be much more beneficial for the band if every song could be a hit. Chisel Beeches have easily got the potential to go far, we just haven’t heard enough of them yet.

For Fans Of: Lower Than Atlantis, Coheed and Cambria