Committed to fulfilling their agenda of bringing their music to stages across Britain this year, Circle Of Reason are firing out their latest collection of UK tour dates . Entitled ‘License To Tour‘, this expedition shall be the acts 3rd UK tour of 2016.

Outshining their previous EP releases with their mini album ‘Faith Or Theory‘ earlier this year, the alternative rockers have proven themselves to be a British rock band with unflinching vitality, credibility and an allegiance to push the boundaries of their own artistry. Standing out from the crowd on emerging UK rock/metal acts, Circle Of Reason remain instantly recognisable for their emotive vocal delivery, symphonies of ground shaking guitar riffs, powerful rhythmic grooves and eloquent song dynamics.

Catch them on their ‘Licence To Tour‘ at the following dates:
September 23rd, Friday, Hastings, The Carlisle
September 24th, Saturday, Worthing, Bar 42
September 28th, Wednesday, Nottingham, The Maze
September 29th, Thursday, Leicester, Duffy’s Bar
September 30th, Friday, Chelmsford, Asylum
October 1st, Saturday, Oxford, The Bullingdon

Check out the video for ‘Never Enough‘ here:

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