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Have a listen to: "Never Enough" and "In Other Words"

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Circle Of Reason – Faith Or Theory

Release Date: 27th May 2016
Freefall Records
Bandcamp: https://circleofreason.bandcamp.com/

Southampton rockers Circle Of Reason recently released their latest 7-track Mini-Album ‘Faith Or Theory‘ and I can tell you now, it’s definitely a release worth checking out.

Having always been a fan of more melodic rock/metal, this was right up my street. The intro track ‘Never Enough‘ kicked off rather heavy with crashing drums and a fast-paced riff and I contemplated whether or not this album was going to be for me, however once I heard the soaring vocals from Simon Osman I was sold.

The second track ‘Questions‘ is another fast-paced rock track with slightly more shouty vocals. Not a bad track but not my favourite off of the album.

The vocals on a few of the tracks are slightly distorted and taken over with the sounds of the riffs and drums, which is a shame as Simon has a fantastic voice, but generally the recording is quality.

The third track ‘My Emergency‘ is slightly different; not quite as fast-paced and the vocals in the verses are a lot clearer. I can definitely hear the Muse influence with these guys, with the epic breakdowns and the chorus in this track definitely has a Matt Bellamy essence to it.

Clarity‘ and ‘Tie Up The Sky‘ are both quite similar to the earlier tracks on the album; a rapid assault of unrelenting riffs and roaring vocals, that you really can’t go wrong with.

In Other Words‘ made a nice change. A much slower more powerful song, incredibly reminiscient of ‘Muscle Museum‘ from Muse. Not just in the guitar picking but also the chorus, that took a hard-hitting turn with more Matt Bellamy soaring vocals that were packed with emotion. I really enjoyed this track.

Overall, the Circle Of Reason sound is enticing and somewhat eery in a sense, in a way the heavy rock fuses with the melodic vocals. This is definitely how I like my rock music so I look forward to more from the Southampton quartet.