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Have a listen to: "Stain" and "Yellow Love"

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Citizen – Everybody Is Going To Heaven

Release Date: 23rd June 2015
Run For Cover Records

Dark & sombre, Citizen deliver an album that feels like the lovechild of The Cure & Faith No More. Album opener ‘Cement’ has a plodding pace, growling bass and an unsettling and moody vocal delivery.  Throughout the record the bass plays a prominent role in the sound and groove, whilst the guitars strive to create atmosphere and dark melodies.

The album sticks to minor keys throughout most of the record, suffice to say that these are not very happy campers. ‘Numb Yourself’ is an emo ballad that could have stood toe-to-toe with some of the bigger, less cheesy bands in that genre. The chords and chord progression in this song are so massive, it’s hard not to feel something of an emotional pull, and topped off with a slow solo that slides between target notes.

Although this band are cited as ‘Emo’ by a few sites, I think they’re one of those bands that got pigeon-holed because of the type of music they are playing. If this was the 80’s we would probably call this ‘Goth-Pop’ or something, which I suppose is essentially the same thing, but these guys bring a certain integrity to their music that can’t be denied, that a lot of other bands in this genre masquerade with eye make up and fashion statements. However, they could be missing a trick with such a primitive approach to their photo’s and artwork.

The album stays very melancholy throughout; some songs have a bit more tenacity and fury than others, such as ‘Stain’ – check out the video on their website. ‘Yellow Love’ is a haunting and charming ballad, with lyrics such as “all I feel is celestial desire, a distant joy is dancing all around me” which give you an idea of some of the themes the band feature.

All in all, this is a great sounding record on first listen. You can feel an air of honesty in their music and there’s nothing pompous or obnoxious – just a raw, emotional pull. What I will say is that, as great as it is to have a band be more invested in their music then their appearance, there’s a certain lack of character to the songs and personality of the band itself, but with nearly 150,000 followers on Facebook and an active audience, it appears I’m alone in thinking that. As the band steadily increase their audience, I’d say they are definitely worth checking out if you are a fan of some of the alternative rock bands of the late 2000’s.