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Release Date: 24th March 2017
Fox Records
Amazon: http://amzn.to/2o4IhYQ

Hailing from Birmingham, pop-punk band Coast To Coast are to release their sophomore EP, succeeding their debut last year. ‘The Length Of A Smile‘ is set to be made available on the 24th March via Fox Records, and is currently accessible through Fox Records’ YouTube.

It’s a collection of pop- tracks for sure, yet there’s something that stands out with Coast To Coast. Pop-punk is a genre full of exciting riffs and upbeat tempos, all of which are elements that are used in ‘The Length Of A Smile’, yet it’s the vocals from Keiran Hylands that sets the band away from the regular examples such as Neck Deep or State Champs. The thick Birmingham accent proves that pop-punk can be accomplished with a regional accent that doesn’t sway towards a sustained West Coast American twinge.

Setting off is ‘Ajax’ which provides a relaxed introduction to the six-track record, demonstrating a fluid and gentle progression that gradually picks up into an upbeat chorus: establishing a confident sound that is evident throughout the duration of the EP. They then progress into the full paced ‘Geranium’, which sounds a lot heavier than its predecessor and incorporates the typical pop-punk formula when the instrumental elements are concerned.

The EP is a step up for the five piece, incorporating much more personal lyrics, that the group clearly can be proud of fabricating. ‘Post Graduation’, the lead single from the EP, is an unblemished example of what the band have to offer. A track that embodies the themes of moving on and experiencing anxieties along the way, a subject that is easily relatable for many.

Stale’ connects the songs together nicely, despite not particularly contributing much in terms of music diversity it still begins to wind the collection down and concluding with the title track ‘The Length of a Smile’.

A vocally strong second record for the Black Country five piece. It’s clear this will appeal to fans of pop-punk rhythms and chord formations, the band’s unique take on vocals allows them to take a step above the norm that is formed in the genre: a difficult manoeuvre to make while still conforming to the established exciting tempo and heartfelt lyrics.

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