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The sky is black, the field is full of bodies, even as Fightstar play in a nearby tent, you can’t hear anything but the crowds stirring anticipation for Coheed. A roadie brings out the symbolic telephone from the bands seminal record, ‘In Keeping Secrets On Silent Earth: 3‘; a celebration of their 10th anniversary of the record, which the band will play in it’s entirety as part of their ‘Neverender‘ tour. Before the intro music even rolls, the crowd cheer for the phone and proceed to chant the melody. When the backing track of the melody starts the crowd go even louder. The band enter the stage and the crowd erupt as they proceed with the title song from the record. The song clocks in a little over 9 minutes with a few surprises in there and the crowd are going insane.
The band cruise through the set with a very impressive light show. Their signature “Keywork” emblem hangs above the drum riser which includes LED Lights with different synchronised colours hanging above them on the stage (see my photo’s from the set).

Photo Credit: Noah Moralis

There is one song frontman Claudio Sanchez messes up on, in a verse on the guitar. This only lasts for a few bars until he quickly falls back into where he needs to be. And hey, if you know Coheed’s music and his vocal style, you would know this is no mean feat, to play and sing like that! The crowd keep the momentum going through the whole set and when ‘Blood Red Summer‘ opens you can hear the entire crowd chanting along with the Travis’ guitar melody and a gargantuan singalong chorus “When the answers that you want, are in the questions that you state, come what may, come what may”. ‘The Light and The Glass‘ has the crowd built up so well as it crescendo’s into it’s final act – the pit just erupts –  this was part of the set was truly epic.

The whole album is played masterfully, with a few new guitar sounds and dynamics to be heard live as opposed to on the studio record, and it is, quite literally, a dream come true for such a big and long term fan. Once the album has finished, the band return for three encore songs – first is the new single ‘You’ve Got Spirit Kid‘, then onto ‘Ten Speed of God’s Blood & Burial‘ and, yep, you guessed it, ‘Welcome Home‘ – the band’s unarguably most famous song guarantees that the crowd get what they came for, including Claudio’s guitar solo with his mouth (or is it his teeth?).

As a fan, obviously there are infinite songs I would have liked to have had included in the set; I don’t think I had seen ‘Ten Speed‘ played live, it was ace. I wish it were possible for just one more encore song but the band were on an extremely tight schedule as they had to get over to Amsterdam for a show the following day. Being on my own and watching the set and how the crowd were responding, was not normally how I would spend a Coheed show –  usually we’re in the pit singing our god-awful voices out and making friends along the way, but it was great to get a bigger crowd behind them. The evening was such a mild temperature, it was almost the perfect atmosphere.