Coheed & Cambria are back with new single ‘You’ve Got Spirit, Kid!‘ – the first single from their upcoming album, The Colour Before The Sun released October 9th, via 300 Entertainment, a label the band recently signed to in July.

The new album is a departure from the intricate concept and sci-fi universe that tied all the albums in with one another. Lead singer and guitarist Claudio Sanchez created the concept & also wrote accompanying comics that better explain the story. For those unfamiliar with the concept, and interested in more check out
Claudio confessed in recent years and interviews that the concept was a way for him to open up in his lyrics, a lot of the story, although it is a crazy Sci-fi epic, are fictionalised events that happened to Claudio. The main story and characters journey ended in 2007 with the bands 4th record – Good Apollo I’m Burning Star IV: No World For Tomorrow, which was succeeded by Year of the Black Rainbow in 2010, a prequel to the main story, then in 2012/2013 they released double album The Afterman: Ascension in September 2012 and The Afterman: Descension in February 2013, these 2 albums were designed as a prequel to Year of the Black Rainbow. Suffice to say, Claudio must be content with the universe he’s created – a concept that spans 7 albums, graphic novels and has gained a cult following, an elite group of fans calling themselves ‘Children of the Fence‘ or COTF for short. I think it’s fair to say Claudio has become more comfortable talking about his life and feelings in recent years, whether the new album is to depart from relying on fiction as a means to express himself, or just so they aren’t bogged down in complex continuity and fresh story ideas, the core message of Coheed has not changed – create interesting music.

This single has nods towards other incarnations of the band, but instrumentally they sound somewhat different to how they used to, which isn’t the first time the band have changed their dynamic. Year of the Black Rainbow was a far-cry from anything we’d heard them do before!

Coheed & Cambria will be playing their first UK festival headlining slot at HevyFest this August, at Port Lympe Zoo in Folkestone.

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Check out the new single below: