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Comeback Kid – Outsider

Release Date: 8th September 2017
Nuclear Blast Records
iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/outsider/id1257070073

It’s a fresh start for hardcore favourites, Comeback Kid, as they have released an album on a new label for the first time in a decade. Ever since ‘Wake The Dead’ in 2005, the Canadians have been on Victory records, where they released a further three studio albums. Now the quintet is on established metal label, Nuclear Blast, which of course also home to hardcore acts such as Hatebreed and Agnostic Front. Also into the mix is two new members that didn’t feature on Comeback Kid‘s 2014 album, ‘Die Knowing’; Loren Legare comes in to replace original drummer Kyle Profeta, while Ron Friesen comes in on Bass to replace Matt Keil.

Comeback Kid have always been one of those hardcore bands that isn’t entirely, “core”, punk or metal. They produce hard hitting music that makes them perfect to fit in with any of those genres.  Being on a label that is dominantly metal we might have expected that the angry vibes would be elevated, and perhaps they are with the riff-driven ‘Absolute’, which has the kind of grooves that make it hard to not headbang to. The track as features guest vocals from Devin Townsend, who provides much deeper roars that contrast Andrew Neufeld‘s rather higher pitched screaming shouts. A song that counteracts it completely is ‘Consumed The Vision’, another track featuring guest vocals; this time from The Flatliners Chris Cresswell. The track is a lot more uplifting. “Poppy” wouldn’t be the correct term, but it’s catchier, with infectious rhythms and vocals melodies, without losing that hardcore angst. Its a nice balance.

What Comeback Kid throw into this album is a much needed variety that keeps things interesting, they like to throw in the thrash vibes in a songs such as ‘Outrage (Fresh Face, Stale Cause)’ and ‘Livid, I’m Prime’; punchy tracks that take no prisoners. From the fast beats at the beginning to the two-step grooves towards the end, they are out and out pit starters, delivering almost a crossover hardcore tones. In a similar fashion to ‘Consumed The Vision’, ‘Hell of a Scene’ takes that catchiness and takes it further in the chorus that is a complete contrast to the outright vicious chorus. ‘Somewhere, Somehow’, then pushes more for the melodic hardcore, post-hardcore vibes with an emotional singing chorus that sticks right in your head, this will be an anthem in no time.

Album closer, ‘Moment In Time’, which features Northcote, starts off in their most unexpected manner on a Comeback Kid release; Ominous distorted riffs and creepy singing vocals that are reminiscent of Rammstein‘s Till Lindemanm. The track then moves on swiftly into a pacey hit designed to destroy venues. The melodic and energetic sides of the track combine brilliantly for an epic end to the album.

I’ve been a big fan of Comeback Kid for years, with my preference usually edging towards former vocalist Scott Wade because of the masterpiece that was ‘Wake The Dead’. However, this is my favourite album from the Canadian’s since that release, it’s the best release with Andrew Neufeld on and I think the frontman is truly in his element on this album. He shows he can still deliver some of the fire that’s always been there, while unveiling his emotional side and desire to have some fun. ‘Outsider’ for me is a brilliant album and is going into my top 10 for 2017, it’s a fantastic release.

For fans of Stick To Your Guns, Terror, Trapped Under Ice, Turnstile

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