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Confessions of a Traitor – Illuminate

Release Date: 19th September 2016
Self Released
Bandcamp: https://confessionsofatraitor.bandcamp.com/

Formed in 2013, Confessions Of A Traitor are a quintet hailing from London and Essex, producing a brand of raw Metallic Hardcore musically influenced from a wide range of similar acts. The release of their 2014 EP, ‘Seasons’, pushed the band into the spotlight and allowed for appearances at festivals across the UK & EU as well as supporting bands such as; Bury Tomorrow, Gallows, Hacktivist, Upon A Burning Body, Bleed From Within, POLAR, Devil Sold His Soul, Feed The Rhino & more.

Now on the follow-up EP, ‘Illuminate’, the band continue to be driven by motivational lyrics, heavy riffs and breakdowns. The band prides themselves on a hectic, energetic and tight live performances which captivate people’s attention, with the aim to transfer that energy onto this release.

Opening track ‘In Darkness, Ignite The Spark’ kicks off with teasing melodies with vocalist, Stephen MacConville’s, savage vocals layered on top in the intro before the song launches into a bruiser. Chuggy breakdowns then flood the song before an onslaught of hectic distorted riffs replace them as a backbone rhythm, matched with erratic drumming. The brutality is counteracted by standout lead guitar melodies that somewhat sooth, even with the angriest of sounds they are placed on top.  It’s a statement-making opener track that aims to kick your ass.

We hear a lot of the same in the follow-up, ‘The Fires We Burn Are Boundless’. Huge grooving riffs and more of MacConville‘s vicious voice dominates the front end of a song that showcases anthemic behaviour as well as technical precision; the intricate guitar noodling is ridiculously captivating. The ruthless tone flows throughout the EP, even more so during ‘Through Struggle, Hope Will Anchor Our Souls’, which features JT Cavey of ERRA, as Confessions of a Traitor unleashed the most vicious sounds we’ve heard by the band so far.

Closing track, ‘Illuminating the Night’, pushes away from the outright bloodthirsty nature of the previous songs. Confessions of a Traitor blend that ferocious side with a more epic side to the band. Starting out with Bring Me The Horizon style atmospherics, the brutality quickly shows its face with crunchy as fuck riffs. The usual anthemic metal paves the way until we reach a soft interlude. The dynamic changes, soothing sounds and spoken word lyrics take over for a short spell, making the return to heaviness feel so much bigger and chaos inciting. Shit will hit the fan when this gets played.

‘Illuminate’ is a solid release from the quintet. The word unique has been used to describe the band, but I don’t recognise it. I notice influences from countless bands in the genres of metalcore and metallic hardcore that have come before them. While She Sleeps and Parkway Drive as just two examples of similar bands that made their names from producing brutal breakdown with incredible melodies, and awesome anthemic choruses. Hopefully, Confessions of a Traitor can follow in similar footsteps. With this EP, they are certainly going in the right direction.

For fans of: While She Sleeps, Parkway Drive, Bury Tomorrow Bring Me The Horizon (pre-2015)

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