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Have a listen to: "I Got Bones" and "The Man"

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Danny Worsnop – The Long Road Home

Release Date: 17th February 2017
Earache Records
iTunes:  http://apple.co/2mBdWDz

Danny Worsnop, best known for his work/vocals for Asking Alexandria and, more recently, We Are Harlot has just brought out his first solo album and it’s something completely different to what he has ever done before. This album was forged through years of addiction, substance abuse and heartache, as Danny relocated to Nashville, TN after leaving his previous bands. You can see that this is where he became influenced by country/southern rock. 

Every singer/songwriter has there demons, it’s probably what makes the music so raw, but listening to how Danny tackled his, through songs like opening track ‘Prozac‘, is enough to get anyone emotional. Next up is ‘I Feel So Shit‘, which has a light and playful melody while the words describe how Worsnop struggles with his hangover from the previous night’s ventures.

I Got Bones has a personal feeling to it, making the listener feel like they can relate to the words in the song. ‘Don’t Overdrink It‘ is a track that is led strongly by piano, steel guitar and has a foot stamp rhythm which will certainly get the crowd moving at his live shows. The stand out track and my favourite track is ‘The Man‘. It’s incredibly raw and filled with a strong back story, reminiscient of The Charlie Daniels Band‘s ‘The Devil Went Down To Georgia.

Not only is this album a great listen but it also tells the story of how Danny hit rock bottom and fought his way back to the top. Now he’s released his first solo album, with the confidence to take a completely new direction and it just goes to show how talented he is.

Check out the music video for ‘Don’t Overdrink It here:

For Fans Of: The Charlie Daniels Band, Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash

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