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Deez Nuts – Binge & Purgatory

Release Date: April 17th
Century Media Records
iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/binge-purgatory/id1199623533

Australian hardcore and hip-hop collaborators, Deez Nuts return with their fifth studio album, ‘Binge & Purgatory’, which promises to be a much more hardcore rooted album than any previous release. In a recent interview, guitarist Matt Rogers stated that if people thought previous album ‘Word Is Bond’ was a darker album, then ‘Binge & Purgatory’ is one step further.

You just have to listen to a track like ‘Lessons Learned’ to pick up on this darker, heavier atmosphere. It’s closer to a Hatebreed track than it is the party anthem that Deez Nuts used to produce, though that may be because Jamey Jasta spits a few lines on the song. It’s a high-tempo pit-starting bruiser with relentless drumming, crunchy as hell riffs and a raging attitude in vocals from Rogers and frontman JJ Peters. It’s an angry track to kick some ass to for sure. It’s then followed by the even faster, more energetic 30-second monster that is ‘Carried By Six’. It has everything from the grooves to make your head bang to the typical Peters and Deez Nuts swagger we’ve known for years.

Title tracks ‘Binge’ and ‘Purgatory’ open the album in a sombre manner as ‘Binge’ is an atmospheric instrumental piece the teases into the aggressive ‘Purgatory’. The full frontal hostility reminds of the opening of ‘Word Is Bond’ with the similar riff work and hate fueled vocal style that is somewhere between rapping and shouting. It’s got a tone-setting atmosphere, much like ‘Word’ had, that the fun and party vibes are slowly becoming a less used feature in Deez Nuts writing.

As Peters has stated before when talking about the evolution Deez Nuts‘ sound, “At one time, I would’ve said it’s like a party in your ears and everyone’s invited. With the last album, I would’ve said it’s like a comedown in your ears and everyone’s invited”. ‘Binge & Purgatory’ is very much the same, but it’s not damaging in the slightest.

I think what lacks from this album is the abundance of “catchy” hooks that previous releases had. The old hooking factor that made Deez Nuts stand out, other than the fact they use rapping vocals. ‘Commas & Zeros’ still uses this with ear-pricking gang shout style vocals in the chorus, but it doesn’t rely on them to make it a stand out as the riffs are once again dominant and just inviting pits to open.

This is the album that I think ‘Word Is Bond’ wanted to be, it’s a step up as a hardcore album. It takes us back to the roots of hardcore. ‘Word Is Bond’ was “In your face” and intense, ‘Binge & Purgatory’ takes a step back from being heavy for heavy sake and looks at the musicianship in a more calculated manner. In no way do I mean it’s technical, but the riffs and grooves, the two-step rhythms are more pleasing to the ear. It’s heavier yet more melodic, and in some ways that makes this a more appealing listen than the previous effort from the Aussies.

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