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Deference – False Awakening

Release Date: 31st March 2017
Bandcamp: https://deference.bandcamp.com/album/false-awakening

Southampton quintet, Deference, have been on my radar for some time and I got round to checking out the metalcore outfit’s most recent release, ‘False Awakening’ when it was released back at the end of march. However, with so much music coming out it’s quite easy to get sucked into other releases and completely forget about others. That being said, now i’ve gone back to listen to this release again, I do regret putting it off for so long.

What you get from Deference is a blend of metalcore and deathcore. Opening track ‘Scavengers’ takes the brutality and swagger from a monster band such as Emmure. It’s got outright tenacity, grooves for days and the bouncing beats to break necks; it’s a pit starter to get the blood flowing. The follow-up, ‘Insomnia’ is a lot more melodic and progressive, without losing the typical metalcore angst. We are treated to intricate drum patterns and fiddly little guitar melodies, showing the band are a lot more talented as musicians than the opener suggests. Clean vocals are also thrown into the mix to add some real depth, counteracting the heaviness.

‘Insomnia’ shows some real slow, calming moments, and uplifting segments which are mimicked in ‘Departure’. This midway point on the release takes the epicness further, unveiling the emotion of melodic hardcore, backed up by the deep chug synonymous with metalcore. The musicianship in the guitar melodies is just beautiful, even with the brutal riffs and savage shouts peaking through in the background. Title-track, ‘False Awakening’ brings back that tenacity of the opener to start with, but with the technical fiddly breakdowns that we usually recognise from the likes of Architects. The ferocity of the opener is there but is nicely counteracted in an anthemic manner, with huge clean singing vocals toning it down not too different to Bury Tomorrow. It’s just epic and not a shock that this was the video they first released from the EP.

‘Becoming The Death’ Pt. II’ starts off as what I thought was an interlude as an outro. Using a sample of a dramatic speech that ends with, “Weapons of war should be abolished, before they abolish us”, on top of the most soothing of guitar melodies. As soon the speech ends, the intensity builds in the music and the vocals from Rob Lea kick in like a predator on your ears. His tenacity doesn’t overshadow the song though as the progressive nature of the EP comes back out with as a kind of heavy slow burner, if that is such a thing.

‘False Awakening’ is for those that like something heavy and beautiful at the same time, along with technical prowess. Having also checked out ‘XXXVII’, the previous EP, I think the most recent addition from Deference isn’t quite as brutal, that the Southampton lads definitely have pushed for a more adventurous approach, letting the musicianship shine instead creating an EP worth of all out pit starters.

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