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Have a listen to: "Hell At My Back"and "Under The Thunder"

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Devilment – II – The Mephisto Waltzes

Release Date: 18th November 2016
Nuclear Blast Records
iTunes: http://apple.co/2gP48nv

If you’re not familiar with Devilment already then you should be. The horror/groove metal band from Norwich, England have just released their second studio album through Nuclear Blast Records. Devilment is Dani Filth’s (lead singer of Cradle Of Filth) side project and fortunately for fans of the band, he’s managed to find the time to return to Devilment to record their second studio album- well, here it is!

So what can you expect from ‘II – The Mephisto Waltzes‘? It sounds like if Murderdolls, Devildriver and Cradle Of Filth were to have a baby, with that blend of groove metal/horror metal and punk. Opening this album is ‘JudasStein’, which kicks off with Dani Filth‘s screams and devilish vocals, alongside pounding drums and chilling riffs to kick this album off with a ghoulish start. ‘Hitchcock Blonde’ is up next with pounding riffs and the chilling sound of the keyboards. The combination of Dani‘s vocals and female keyboardist Lauren Francis is incredibly atmospheric and really adds to the tone of the song. 

‘Under The Thunder’ kicks open with hard and heavy riffs and mesmorising vocals, again from both Dani and  Lauren. Having the two singing their own parts and also together really takes Devilment to a new level. 

‘Full Dark, No Stars’ starts off with a chilling keyboard solo and leads into powerful riffs, reminiscient of a calming, gothic melody.

‘Shine On Sophie Moone’ is a fast and thrashy, extreme metal attack with the devilish vocals of Dani and heavy, gothic riffs . ‘Life Is What You Keep From The Reaper’ is yet another track that will blow your mind!

‘Dea Della Morte’ is another track that starts off with a chilling intro that could be straight out of a horror film. This leads straight into the rest of the track with powerful, electric riffs, heart pounding drums and another combination of beautiful vocals from Dani and Lauren.

‘Entangled In Our Pride is almost creepy at the beginning with soft vocals from Lauren Francis, but it leads into another awesome track from Devilment. ‘Father Dali’ is the final track on this record; a haunting track with Dani‘s signature vocals – a great way to finish this album.

Devilment have really stepped up their game with this album. The first album was great but somehow this is even better. I can’t wait to see what Devilment do next…

For Fans Of: Cradle Of Filth, DevilDriver, Murderdolls and Deathstars

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