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Have a listen to: “Superlove”, “Wrong Place Wrong Time” and “You Wanna Know”.

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Don Broco – Automatic

Release Date: 7th August 2015
Sony Music

When I first heard of Don Broco, I immediately wrote them off and then it hit me, it was for a reason unbeknown to me. Sadly, like most rock fans, I used to be quick to shoot a band down in an instant. However fast forward a year (… or so) and I’ve fallen head over heels for the Bedford based band.

It all started when I heard ‘You Wanna Know’. The song just hit me; I think it’s that beautiful blend of rock and pop. Being a fan of good music… and not just heavy rock, it reminded me of Maroon 5 – in the same vein of ‘If I Never Saw Your Face Again’ and although originally released as a single, we are lucky enough to see ‘You Wanna Know’ reappear at the end of ‘Automatic’.

However, let’s start with the beginning. ‘Automatic’ takes off from the get go and makes me wanna suit up, drink copious amounts of red wine and dance like an idiot until the early hours of the morning in some club.

Opener ‘Superlove’ reminds me of the standard 80’s pop sound, or just think The 1975. Actually, I feel that sound is fairly consistent throughout the album. Like most songs, ‘Superlove’ has a strong, catchy and sing-along chorus and mixes both frontman Rob Damiani’s vocals and drummer Matt Donnelly’s vocals just elegantly. The vocals between Rob and Matt are a staple to Don Broco’s sound and is definitely something that I feel makes them stand out. But let’s not forget the funky bass of Tom Doyle and groove laden guitar of Simon Delaney – they’re important too!

Whilst some fans might not like what seems, less of a rock album and slightly more pop, I feel the songs and choruses are stronger than a lot of songs out there right now and, turned up loud sound, well… perfect. From ‘Superlove’, it smarmily flows in to ‘Automatic’ and ‘What You Do To Me’ – more sophisticated songs.

‘Automatic’ doesn’t let up until we get to songs like ‘Fire’ and ‘Nerve’ where to be honest the album does slow down a little, and for maybe just a little too long. Don’t worry the songs are still good, it’s just more, shall we say, relaxed.

It’s when ‘Money Power Fame’ kicks in, that the album pick back up to pace and we hear what is probably the most guitar driven and heavy song on the album. ‘Bad Feeling’ follows the obvious 80’s pop sound but does feel like a real dance floor song, the kind of “I’m proper pissed and dancing like an idiot but who cares” feel.

‘Wrong Place Wrong Time’ starts off very funky, and upbeat and quickly blasts into an absolute killer of a chorus, and although it’s a short one, it’s a catchy one that you’ll be singing for days and might just be the best on the album.

Every song on ‘Automatic’ is strong and that’s something hard for any band to do, but Don Broco have achieved this. Their debut album ‘Priorities’ was an album to contend with, so I was excited to see what they could deliver for album number two. I’d been excited for month’s to see what could be delivered and it’s safe to say that my expectations were surpassed. I just hope to see you all at The Brixton Academy on the 13th December for dancing and drinks…