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Have a listen to: "Toys" and "Stuck"

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Donnie Willow – Exhibition

Release Date: 9th June 2017
Sunbird Records

The succeeding release from a band is always an important landmark, to see if they can maintain the power and energy they possessed in their debut record. Glasgow established Donnie Willow don’t just maintain their energy from first EP ‘Inhale. Exhale’, but they make their return with a substantial enhancement of sound and aggression that surely means business.

Exhibition’, released on June 9th, brings four brand-new, intense tracks, each with remarkable toughness. Despite only emerging one year after their first mini-album, there is an evident change of tune in the power trio’s approach to their music. Kicking off as they mean to go on, ‘Stuck’ introduces an assemblage of thick riffs, coupled with bold vocals to grip everyone who listens. They hold nothing back, hitting hard with tough breakdowns, effortlessly transitioning into a melodic hook. The track is bold, and gives a lot more than what has been seen from Donnie Willow before.

There is an underlying aggression that finally bubbles to the surface in ‘Blessed Company’, wasting no time to shout out with immense power with both the instrumentals and the vocals. The track is definitely a lot heavier than what has come from the band before and it is pleasant to see exactly how versatile they are with shifting their sound and experiment.

One of the catchiest tracks along the line is ‘Toys’, which has vast varying rhythms; much like the tracks before it. There are signs of math-rock influences in the time signatures, keeping the listener on their toes at all times; coupled with masses of energy and these guys are on to a winning formula.

The EP is a big return for Donnie Willow, allowing them to pull all anger and energy into one mini collection of big, bold tunes. Every track brings something new to the table, each with their own interesting approach; you never quite know what they’ll throw at you next and that is incredibly exciting to listen to.

For fans of: Architects, Deftones, The Excerts

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