On Monday, 7th of November, I was brought into a room marked “Dorje Dressing Room” and told I have fifteen minutes to interview one of the best live bands on the planet. All fangirling aside, we talked new material, festivals and strange Japanese guitar pedals. You can check out Dorje‘s newest EP ‘Centred and One‘ now from pretty much everywhere.

Broken Arrow: Where did the amazing Centred and One EP come from?

Ben: We actually originally wrote it at the same time as the Catalyst EP but we decided to split the album into two halves, they came from the same perspective as Catalyst.

Dave: It’s about as chronological as you can get really with 2 Eps, its split into the older things and where we are going.

Rob: You can definitely see a growth in the way the music expresses ourselves as we get older.

Broken Arrow: How do you feel about the Progressive rock scene is it is now?

Rob: Well, interestingly, we don’t class ourselves a progressive rock band, we see ourselves as more of an alternative rock band. That said, three of us play in a progressive rock band so that sort of seeps into the DNA of what we present…

Dave: We got a love for progressive rock, it creeps in a bit with what we write. The rest of us listen to stuff like Tool, Porcupine Tree and Karnivool, so there is some influence there in what we play. We’re all musical geeks at heart, so some of our music messes around with odd metres and timings, but really we’re not trying to be a Prog band. If it’s a riff, it’s a riff, if it’s in an odd timing then so what?

Rob: We had a lot of reviews saying we’re “not quite Prog enough”, but we’re not even prog! We’re not trying to be clever we just want to write tunes.

Broken Arrow: Rob, I have to ask this for the sake of fans everywhere, have you ever considered using a Miku Pedal in a Dorje track? (Ref: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aveUEZkcQno)

Rob: Hahaha, I have been tempted to buy one, but they’ve sold out everywhere. I’d buy two though…

Dave: What, Stereo Miku?!

Rob: Hahaha yeah, “Stereku”. I wanna sing through one, no one has ever sung through one before…

Dave: You’d sound like Cher!

Rob: Perfect, sound like a cunt!

Broken Arrow: Are you planning any festivals soon?

Ben: We’ve played the Hard Rock Hell festival on this tour which was a hell of a lot of fun, but next year is the year we want to branch out, definitely planning some UK Festivals but also want to head overseas into Europe. Next year is Dorje’s year to expand.

Broken Arrow: How was the tour with InMe last year?

Rob: It was a hell of an experience to tour with Dave and the guys though, watching them warm up was amazing, he and his brother used to take it in turns screaming at each other, drink beer and eat take away food.

Dave: Not for note, perfect every night!

Ben: They’ve got a hell of a lot of endurance as a live band though…

Rob: If he ever stopped he’d die, he’s basically the new age Lemmy haha

Broken Arrow: Do you have any advice for student bands trying to get out there?

Ben: People focus too much on strategies and social media, they forget it’s all about the songs, be able to be a great live band as that’s the foundation of a good band. Create great content, funny pictures and videos to pull all these people together into one.

Dave: To add to that, obviously as a student you become so focused on always doing your work and trying your hardest to learn, really you are what you want to be, use this time to grow as a band or anything! Get stuck in and do as much!

Rob: Do it with a lifestyle that allows for it to continue, some people go out to gigs seven nights a week then can’t do anything for the rest of the month, make sure you aren’t stupid with it but still enjoy yourself.

Broken Arrow: So the Download 2017 line up announcement stirred some controversy in the alternative community, have you seen it? What did you think of it?

Bea: I gave up faith in Download a few years ago, when you kept just seeing the same bands over and over headlining, there’s nothing wrong with those bands but there should be some new blood headlining by now.

Dave: Biffy Clyro is a weird one to be headlining Download, but I suppose, after listening to the newest Lamb of God release and new Biffy, a lot of the Metal or Rock bands are releasing very odd music, it’s quite electronic and popular which is weird to me.

Ben: That is due a shake-up really, there aren’t these mega Superstars being made anymore, times have really changed, people like Ed Sheeran can sell out three nights at Wembley, it really has changed. But we’d love to play Download, it’s one of those ultimate goals.

Broken Arrow: There has been a lot of discussion lately about ticket touts reselling tickets at twice their value, what’s your opinion on this?

Rob: Massive bags of shit, just a sack of cunt, they should be burned! You can quote me on that, “Rob Chapman says they’re a sack of cunt and should be burned”.

Ben: I had a personal experience with it recently, Phil Collins is doing his big comeback tour so I figured it’d be cool to go with my girlfriend and her family, got onto Ticketmaster presale and the second they went live they were gone, this happened over two more presales then again on public sale! Ticketmaster then linked me one of their partner website and they were already set up with the tickets to be resold for four or five hundred quid.

Bea: It’s disgusting really, the artist would be ashamed of that. Well, some will, some won’t give a fuck.

Broken Arrow: How do you guys get ready for tours like these?

Bea: Haha we restring our guitars about three hours before we go on! (Continues to restring guitar)

Ben: No but seriously we do tonnes of social media promotions and work with our tour managers to get it all sorted out. But we just worked on a new in-ear monitor, so we’ve been working super hard making sure our live sound is perfect.

Bea: The most important things for us as a band, is that our live sound is as good as we can be and is consistent across all of our shows, so we use the best gear and we work hard to make sure we sound great.

Broken Arrow: Do you have any new album details to share with us?

Rob: We’re about half way through the album, so hopefully we’ll be ready to drop that next year, but tonight we’re going to play a couple of new tracks to introduce to everyone here tonight.

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