All That Remains – Main Stage 

Massachussets metallers All That Remains had the honour of opening up the Main Stage at this year’s Download Festival and they truly gave it their all. Generally, the first Main Stage slot on the Friday is at the point where thousands of rock/metal fans have just walked down to the arena and are buzzing around with excitement – whether it is their first time there or their tenth, this excitement is the same.

All That Remains kicked off their set with brand new single ‘This Probably Won’t End Well’. Vocalist Philip Labonte knew exactly how to get the crowd up on their feet and the circle pits started straight away.

Another standout performance from the set was definitely ‘What If I Was Nothing’. A slower song for All That Remains, however the melody was perfect for an audience sing a long. A great atmosphere and an awesome kick off to Download 2015. (8/10)

Fearless Vampire Killers – Encore Stage 

Fearless Vampire Killers hit the Encore Stage around 1.55pm on Friday. Unfortunately for the Death-pop group quintet, the majority of the audience became rather comfortable sitting on the grass for this set. Big respect to these guys for not letting it affect their performance, entertaining the crowd and still putting on one hell of a show.

Fearless Vampire Killers played hits including ‘All Hallows Evil‘, ‘City Falls To Dust‘ and, in a surprising twist, covered ‘Holding Out For A Hero‘ by Bonnie Tyler, which definitely gave the crowd a bit more energy. All in all, a good set from FVK and I look forward to seeing what their very own Havoc Festival brings! (6/10)

Defeater – Maverick Stage

Tearing through their set with the likes of ‘No Shame’‘Hopeless Again’‘The Red, White and Blues’ and ‘Dear Father’, Defeater had the crowd singing along, shaking their heads and raising their fists.

Last year Defeater had to pull out of Download Festival and despite vocalist Derek Archambault recently having had hip replacement surgery they dominated the stage like there was no tomorrow, proving their worth.

Defeater are easily one of the most interesting bands on the scene at the moment. I believe this has partly to do with the fact that their songs all are based upon the struggles of living in a post-World War II era. This is a band that wastes no time live or on record. (7/10)

Counterparts – Maverick Stage

Counterparts kicked off Download Festival opening up the Maverick Stage, and to a great start. Not long after they hit the stage the tent was completely packed. Counterparts delivered an excellent set full of aggression and energy. Songs such as ‘Burn’, ‘Ghost’ and ‘The Disconnect’ were highlights of the set.

New single ‘Collapse’ was clearly a fan favourite having only been released a couple of days before. Whilst the band might not bring anything new to the genre, they do know how to dominate a crowd and deliver one hell of a show. You can clearly see that there is a lot more to come from Counterparts. (6/10)

The One Hundred – Jake’s Stage

The One Hundred were one of the best bands of the weekend at Download Festival, delivering a truly stand-out set. Over on the small Jake’s Stage, The One Hundred made a big impact, with a big crowd.

Frontman Jacob Field mixes rap, screamo and hip-hop together in a powerful way and had the crowd eating out of the palm of his hands. This is a band truly full of energy and attitude. ‘Kingsmen’ stood out as moment to remember and the amazing ‘Unleashed’ sent the crowd (and us) wild.

Reminiscent of Enter Shikari, The Prodigy and Hacktivist, The One Hundred are a band to watch. (9/10)

Allusondrugs – Jake’s Stage

These guys only started back in 2012 and already they’ve had the opportunity to grace Jake’s Stage at Download Festival, among many other live shows. Getting to meet a couple of the members of Allusondrugs was one thing – they came across so friendly and down to earth (which is always a bonus), and watching their live show was just as enjoyable as they really know how to engage their audience.

They began the set with ‘Stir‘ which was definitely a crowd pleaser, being a track that they could really move to. I, personally, really enjoyed ‘Sunset Yellow‘, a much slower paced song but i loved the atmosphere throughout the performance; the audience were fixated and the vocals from Jason Moules were brilliant.

All in all I really enjoyed this show, having already spoke to the guys I knew it was going to be an interesting performance. Not only was it interesting to watch but these guys can really sing/play. You should definitely take the time to go see them and support their music. (8/10)

EofE – Jake’s Stage

For a band that have only been on the scene for a short while, playing Jake’s Stage at Download Festival is quite the accomplishment. I must admit I wasn’t expecting much from the opener to Jake’s Stage but I was pleasantly surprised. These guys really took their opportunity and ran with it.

My personal favourite song was ‘Save The Night‘ – it really caught my ear, but the crowd favourite overall seemed to be EofE‘s latest single ‘Wake Up‘. I expect to see them on a bigger stage next year as they definitely deserve it. (9/10)