A Day To Remember – Main Stage

Florida’s own A Day To Remember delivered a stellar set as they played the Main Stage at this year’s Download Festival. ADTR poured out non-stop energy from start to finish, into their set that included hits such as ‘All Signs Point to Lauderdale’, ‘The Downfall of Us All’ and ‘Right Back At It Again’.

Frontman Jeremy McKinnon is in absolute disbelief that the band are one of the main acts on the Main Stage and said “Maybe one day, we could headline this stage”. With the crowd they pulled today and the show they delivered, I could see this happening.

‘All I Want’ was the stand out of the set along with a surprise ad libbed cover of Oasis’ ‘Champagne Supernova’. (8/10)


Heart Of A Coward – Main Stage

Heart Of A Coward well and truly smashed it – that’s all that needs to be said. They had an epic intro which left fans waiting in anticipation for their arrival and although the weather sucked that didn’t stop the fans from coming down to the Main Stage to see HOAC play live. They began with ‘Deadweight‘ which everyone appeared to enjoy as they roared the lyrcis back at vocalist Jamie Graham.

I really enjoyed listening to Jamie‘s vocals as he transitioned so smoothly from screaming into singing and he really knew how to engage with the audience, keeping them entertained throughout the set. I’d been looking forward to seeing these guys and they did not disappoint, that’s for sure. (7/10)


Ace Frehley – Encore Stage

Considering the awful weather, a lot of people turned up at the Encore Stage to see Ace Frehley do what he does best.  He managed to keep the crowd entertained and singing along throughout the entire set with his own classics such as ‘Rip It Out‘ and ‘Snowblind‘ as well as KISS live staples, ‘Love Gun‘ and ‘Deuce‘.

Unfortunately, Ace is no longer the superstar he once was in his heyday and these classics seemed a little bit like a warm up show for KISS the next night. That being said, having been a massive KISS fan for years, this was probably the only chance I’ll get to watch Ace Frehley live, so there are definitely no regrets. (6/10)


Crown The Empire – Maverick Stage 

Crown The Empire have been building up a pretty impressive list of bands they’ve toured with (Of Mice & Men, Falling In Reverse etc), so I had the feeling they were going to put on a show to remember. They started the show with ‘Bloodline‘ – clearly a track for headbanging to, and the crowd didn’t let up. They went on to play a number of their hits including ‘The Fallout‘ and ‘Machines‘ – all to the crowd’s approval.

One thing I really like about this band is the use of two vocalists. I know it’s not uncommon these days to have one soft vocalist and one heavy, but with Crown The Empire it really works. Their voices blend together well and both vocalists have an incredible stage presence that the crowd responds to. This band definitely need to be on a bigger stage. (8/10)


Hands Like Houses – Maverick Stage

The giant blue tent which held the Maverick Stage was overflowing before Aussie rockers Hands Like Houses had even begun their set. They kicked off with ‘Introduced Species‘ which was the perfect first choice with great opportunities to gain the crowd’s support. As the song began to slow down at the end, the crowd roared as they sung along with vocalist Trenton Woodley.

Hands Like Houses’ latest single ‘I Am‘ was the last song they played for their Download Festival set and you could tell that it was a hit by just looking at the way the crowd responded. The energy throughout the entire set was awesome and these guys are definitely on their way to the top. (8/10)


ROAM – Jake’s Stage 

Eastbourne’s ROAM are easily one of the most exciting bands on the Download Festival line-up. Wasting no time; the band tears up a packed out Jake’s Stage with their blend of pop-punk, with songs such as ‘Over My Head‘ standing out and clearly being crowd pleasers.

ROAM are clearly a band to watch and whilst there is some work to do, it’s clear to see that soon enough they will be one of the pop-punk heavyweights. (6/10)