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Have a listen to: "Thrones"

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Elegies – Daylight Disease

Release Date: 29th June 2015
Hassle Records

Melodic sextet Elegies have released their new three-track EP ‘Daylight Disease‘ which was recorded and produced at Steel City Studios, home to fellow northern metallers Bring Me The Horizon. The band offer a brand of impassioned vocals, dotted with harmonies that are befitting a band using a pair of vocalists. They both play well off of each other and create a varied soundscape that spans different styles musically.

The EP begins with ‘Thrones‘. This is a track with a huge, anthemic-sounding chorus, sure to have fans singing along in the pit. The track begins at a slow pace then builds into the climactic sounds that are frequently used in the short duration of ‘Daylight Disease‘.

Moving onto ‘Headache‘ there is much of the same, but with verses backed up by chugging, rhythmic guitar work, although, again building into those familiar shout-along choruses. Musically ‘Headache‘ uses sustained guitar notes to create an impression of atmosphere and suspense that was not present in the opening track.

Finally, the short and to-the-point EP ends with ‘Cobweb Eyes‘ and it doesn’t really break the habits that are present in earlier songs, albeit at a slightly slower pace. Rather than ending on a high it seems that Elegies finished their EP with a track that feels like it doesn’t really go anywhere. Now this may be as a device to whet your appetite for future releases (of which I am sure there will be plenty) or it may be that it simply doesn’t appeal to me, but it feels like ‘Cobweb Eyes‘ is by far the weakest track on this particular offering.

All in all, ‘Daylight Disease‘ is a great sample of what Elegies have to offer, it’s just a shame that it is so short. It feels like just as they are trying to demonstrate the full scope of their musical ability, the EP just kinda…stops. I appreciate that studio time is expensive and sometimes impractical for fledgling bands, but on a small sample such as this, I feel that each track should be a winner – you simply don’t have enough space for filler tracks. This is not to say that I didn’t enjoy moments on ‘Daylight Disease‘. They had some fantastic soaring choruses and some awesome atmospheric guitar parts. I just feel it was not enough to stick in my head for a while after listening. It simply became easily forgettable in a genre where competition is so fierce.