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Elessar – Reflections

Release Date: 22nd April 2016

When I read a description of a British band that are “dark yet uplifting”, what I wasn’t expecting was the mid to late 2000s Warped Tour sound that flooded the compilations around the time that post-hardcore and emo were becoming popular. Not to say Elessar are either post-hardcore or emo, but their alternative rock is massively laced with the influences of catchy pop-rock mixed with pop-punk hooks and moody verses that emulates the style Silverstein perhaps started to provide on their 2007 album ‘Arrivals & Departures’ – just remove all the screamy shouty stuff.

I can’t imagine this is the comparison that Elessar were going for with ‘Reflections’, but the influence is apparent along with the British pop-rock twang.  EP opener ‘Arrogance’ reeks of it, with the punchy riffs, captivating guitar melodies and hooking choruses. It’s the kind of track to rock out to but also get epic and lose your voice to. Instantly I sense an anthemic hit. ‘My Skin’ is where that Silverstein comparison really kicks in as the vocal style and general atmosphere of the song is reminiscent of Silverstein track ‘The Ides of March’.

The musical factors of this EP rarely diversify, Elessar really push for the big hooks and singalongs, epic riffs and manic drums. The Gloucestershire lads are consistent in striving for that anthemic atmosphere as Elessar unleash personal demons and topics of anxiety and self-doubt. These are going to be emotional tracks that many people can relate to. I can see a lot of college kids latching on to this band in a big way if they are given the right publicity.

The great thing about ‘Reflections’ is that it isn’t niche; it hasn’t pigeonholed itself to appeal to fans of a certain style, and it should hook in people that are open to various genres within the alternative music scene and even the mainstream world. These tracks are certainly good enough and hooking enough to be on Radio 1 – this is a brilliant self-released effort.

For fans of Silverstein, The Blackout, Scary Kids Scaring Kids


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