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Eleusia – Waves In The Clouds

Release Date: 1st October 2016
Bandcamp: https://eleusia.bandcamp.com/

Hailing from Rochester in Kent, 4-piece band Eleusia recently released their 2nd EP ‘Waves In The Clouds‘ and, considering this is something they have been working on since their formation in 2014, it truly is an EP to be proud of.

First track ‘Deep Blue Sea‘ is the band’s first single off of the EP with a music video to accompany it. The track kicks off with some Hendrix style riffs and for a moment I was strongly reminded of bluesy classic ‘Purple Haze‘. Whether or not these guys take influence from the guitar legend, the influence is definitely there.

Second track ‘Little Devil Girl‘ has those same scratchy, blues riffs. This vocals on this track appear a lot stronger than on ‘Deep Blue Sea‘ and there is a shit load of power in Glenn O’Hagan‘s voice.

Fly Away‘ kicks off slightly differently, and although all of the track are quite slowpaced, this is definitely the most ballad-esque of the four tracks. With atmospheric vocals and a light strumming guitar this is one to be played loud – it also has chorus that was made for a sing along.

Dancing To The Night‘ is as upbeat as the name suggests. Eleusia keep to the same tone throughout all of these tracks – overall easy listenining with bluesy riffs, vocals filled to the brim with passion and some pretty hot guitar solos thrown in too. The hard work has definitely paid off guys!

Check out the video for ‘Deep Blue Sea‘ below:

For Fans Of: Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Ocean Colour Scene

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