To close off the year, we decided to speak to several bands about their thoughts on 2017 in a series called “End Of Year Reviews”. We caught up with Luke, the mastermind behind the charity supergroup that is 24 Hour Punks. It’s safe to say this project has been rather successful in 2017.


Broken Arrow Magazine: Sum up 2017 for you and 24 Hour Punks

Luke: 2017 was 24 Hour Punks’ first year as a band. I started the project to raise money after my Father-in-Law’s death of a rare cancer in January. So personally, the year has been a tough one. But as a musician, it’s been inspiring. Between the EP and gig, each written and recorded/performed in a 24 hour period, we managed to raise almost £3,500 for AMMF. My target was £1,000.  Check out our review of these tracks here.


Broken Arrow: Favourite show of 2017, both performing and as a punter

Luke: We only played one show, so it’s a pretty shallow pool! But it was incredible to experience such love and support from the punk community that it’s definitely going to be a tough one to ever top.

From the stands though, I’d have to say The Pisdicables’ set at Level Up Fest after they lost Mike was incredibly special.


Broken Arrow: Best live band(s) of 2017?

Luke: This is as true leaving 2017 as it was coming in, but Popes of Chillitown are killing it right now.


Broken Arrow: Most ridiculous thing you have seen in 2017? (can be at a gig or anything in general)

Luke: Watching Oz Craggs (Hidden Track Studios) mix and master 3 tracks in 4 hours so we could make our 5am EP release time. That boy is an absolute machine!


Broken Arrow: What’s the stupidest thing you did in 2017?

Luke: Not something I did, but thought. After we released the EP, I thought writing enough songs for a gig in 24 hours would be easier than recording. It was not.


Broken Arrow: What’s the best thing you ate in 2017?

Luke: Whilst on tour with Call Me Malcolm, I had a Nando’s that saved me from the most feral hangover. I owe that chicken burger my life.


Broken Arrow: Your favourite releases in 2017?

Luke: Authority Zero – Broadcasting to the Nations (reviewed here) sits above anything else for me.


Broken Arrow: The most underrated releases of 2017?

Luke: Riskee & The Ridicule’s Blame Culture (reviewed here) for sure. Such an intelligent and gutsy album.


Broken Arrow: Favourite musical discovery of 2017?

Luke: I left 2017 wondering how I’d managed to never hear On A Hiding to Nothing before. I caught them at the Popes Christmas show in Camden. Absolutely amazing.


Broken Arrow: What song was stuck in your head for most of 2017?

Luke: When We Rule The World by Authority Zero is my standard ‘go to’ shower ditty.


Broken Arrow: Favourite movie of 2017?

Luke: The Last Jedi, Logan and Spiderman: Homecoming. Don’t make me choose just one.


Broken Arrow: Worst movie of 2017?

Luke: Atomic Blonde was, at times, bonkers.


Broken Arrow: Things about 2017 you’d rather forget?

Luke: There’s a tendency to want to forget the bad stuff. But for me, the worst thing this year ultimately inspired the best thing. I’m forever thankful that the emptiness left behind after losing a loved one was filled with such a positive experience and such amazing individuals.


Broken Arrow: Who made the shitlist in 2017?

Luke: Let’s be honest, politicians haven’t come out of 2017 covered in glory have they? That’s probably about as shitty as that list will get.


Broken Arrow: Who made the awesome list in 2017?

Luke: Everyone who gave their time or skills to the 24 Hour Punks project. We had artists, musicians, venues, rehearsal space owners, videographers.. every one of them deserves to be on the awesome list.


Broken Arrow: Rate 2017 out of 10, (explain why in a sentence)

Luke: Started as a zero, finished with a 9. Can’t say 10 because I need to leave room for improvement next year.


Broken Arrow: What are your plans or goals for 2018?

Luke: The 24 Hour Punks will be back in 2018 with more music and a live show planned. We’ve also got 1 or 2 surprises lined up.


Broken Arrow: Thinks about next year that excite you the most?

Luke: Watching Arvin from Popes of Chillitown trying to stay awake for another 24 hours.


Broken Arrow: Any end of year messages for fans?

Luke: Be kind to each other. This place is volatile enough as it is, we could all use a little more love.


You can also check out our previous interview with Luke where he explains this project in more detail. Here

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