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Have a listen to: "Let Them Fall" and "Washed Away"

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Evra – Lightbearer

Release Date: 19th September 2015
Prime Collective

Danish quintet Evra are looking to burst onto the scene this summer with their first full length album ‘Lightbearer’. These guys are seeking to inject a little originality into the hardcore scene and bring a lot of their influences from stoner metal into the mix. Stating Black Sabbath, Gravedigger and Pallbearer as influences alongside punk royalty Gallows and Every Time I Die, they had my attention straight away.

Opening Track ‘I lysets skær’ is an instrumental introduction that is just over a minute long and really shows off the bands doom influences with big, droning guitar riffs that are unusual on a hardcore punk album. This intro then opens seamlessly into ‘Curse of the Moon’ which is more of a foray into the chaotic energy, more typical of a hardcore album, but then also has a great melodic, singalong chorus with some very catchy guitar parts.

Washed Away’ is the final single the band released ahead of the full album launch and begins with a pounding riff and guitar harmonies, then ramps up into the aggressive, full scale guitar attack. The pacing is really exciting and the album keeps you on your toes as to what’s coming next.

Title track ‘Lightbearer’ (a translation of Lucifer, pretty metal right?) is probably the closest this album comes to a straight up hardcore track, but still delivers diversity by varying volume and bringing in complimentary guitar parts over the top.

The penultimate offering is my personal favourite track ‘Let Them Fall’. This track is the release of all the aggression that has been cultivated throughout the record, with ‘Cancer Bat-esque’ vocals and riffs that would make Tony Iommi stomp a hole in the ground. The album just does not let up and really managed to hold my attention throughout each listen.

My only real grievance with the album is that it’s just too damn short! Out of the nine tracks that are present, the intro track is one minute long and entirely instrumental, while the final one is two minutes long and mostly instrumental. But leaving people wanting more may be a shrewd move on Evra’s part. ‘Lightbearer’ has been a year and a half in the making and the time they have taken over it really shows. The tracks are tighter than Meatloaf’s cycling shorts and the album is paced brilliantly and put together really well. Often when bands try to create something original and blend genres, you end up with a terrible mismatch. Evra have combined the plodding riffs of doom metal with the fast paced fury of hardcore punk and come out smelling like roses. Really angry, probably black, roses.

Unfortunately you will have to wait a little longer to get your hands on the physical copy of ‘Lightbearer’ as the release date has recently been pushed back until 19th September, but they are adding a vinyl option to their debut to compensate. In the meantime ‘Curse of The Moon’, ‘Washed Away’ and ‘Lightbearer’ are all available on YouTube with accompanying videos.


For fans of: Cancer Bats, Gallows, Stick to Your Guns