Waiting For Titor – Halo Pt.1

Release Date: 2nd June 2017

Diva Records

The anglo-Italian alternative quartet, Waiting For Titor take their moniker from John Titor, a fictional name used by a blogger claiming to be a time traveller from the year 2036. Born in 2013, from the ashes of much respected Italian crossover crew Convergence, Waiting for Titor soon honed in on their sound, and were quickly snapped up by Belgian label Diva Records. From there, the four-piece has been crafting their debut EP ‘Halo pt.1’ with Belgian producer Geert D’Haene. Mastered by highly acclaimed Italian engineer Giovanni Versari (Muse), the release boasts five full cuts of alluring alt rock.

Track 1 – Proemio

“This is an instrumental, proemio is the Latin word that indicates the introduction to a work which often acts as a summary of the whole…”

‘Proemio’ A twenty-two second ominously sounding intro piece laced with drum machines and synth sounds which sets up the first song nicely.

Track 2 – Halo

“This a song is our new single and it’s about the obsession for creation, and refers to the dual nature of creativity, which can be bliss and martyr all at the same time. Halosummarisess all the main themes of the EP: the obsession for creativity, the twofold nature of all the relationships, the strive for eternity, and a forward-thinking attitude towards life.”

‘Halo’ keeps that ominous tone with soothing melodies and the clicky drum machine effect in the background of the vocalists soft singing. It’s quite sombre, the sort of track that might be used for a sad montage in a film or TV show.

Track 3 – Bitter End

“Bitter End is about the (sometimes) self-destructive nature of human relationships depicted as a couple that fails at trying to save a relationship. “

‘Bitter End’ packs a little more punch to start with, opening with some crunchy riffs. Overall this track grabs your attention more with ear-pricking snare hits and up-tempo rhythms. The chorus is catchier and more like an anthemic pop-rock track. The singing is a lot more epic, crescendoing throughout the track for the big emotional finish.

Track 4 – Diving into the Black

“This is a track that’s an homage to a great artist. It’s a heartfelt song that we feel depicts the eternity of music.”

The vocals of Alex Palladini on ‘Diving Into The Black’ remind me of Placebo singer Brian Molko’s voice on a track like ‘Pure Morning’. It starts off like an up-tempo club hit with lots of synths and funky beats. It’s an industrial rock track that borrows more from the electronica side of music than the ballsy rock on ‘Bitter End’. This is another catchy number, primed for radio play.

Track 5 – Twilight Fall

“This one is a dark and broody celebration of the caducity and transitory nature of life and all of its matters. It is the darkness we dive into while pursuing our dreams.”

‘Twilight Fall’ is a lot darker musically too, and much like ‘Halo’, it is slower and moody. The synths are moody, the vocals are depressing. It’s a purposeful emotional slow burner. Towards the end, the guitars come in to drive on those deeply solemn emotions with some nice melodies.

Track 6 – Leaving Again

“The last song on the EP is ‘Leaving Again’, it’s a song about the importance of being positive and able to move on in life, leaving the past behind and yet embracing the future.”

‘Leaving Again’ closes as another rock fronted hit. It’s still rather chilled, but angst-ridden and full of grit. It’s a balanced compromise that blends crunchy guitar grooves with an electro-rock atmosphere. The synth melodies pack a bit of power in them, enough to stand out over Palladini’s epic singing voice.

Rating: 7/10

Overall it’s a decent release of alternative synth rock and industrial, not completely my cup of tea but I can see the appeal and influences that would sit with fans of Placebo, Nine Inch Nails and even fans of alternative rock in the early 2000s in general. It’s a nice combination of dark moods and uplifting atmospheres.

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