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Be Sharp Promotions Presents: Faintest Idea plus Lead Shot Hazard, Just Say Nay and Analog Bombs

Date: Friday 16th June 2017
Venue: New Cross Inn, London

A sunny Friday night in London was the perfect way to indulge in a ska invasion at the New Cross Inn, as Norwich ska favourites, Faintest Idea headed south for an evening of joyous skanking and singalongs, supported by a collection of fun emerging ska bands in the form of Lead Shot Hazard, Just Say Nay and Analog Bombs,

Yorkshire six piece, Analog Bombs kicked the show off in a chilled manner, with two-tone style reggae-ska played in front of an audience who was all too happy to relax sat down with a pint. Performing material such as ‘Sunday Morning’ from their 2016 album, ‘Lower State of Consciousness’ We were treated to some funky rhythms and uplifting brass melodies, and dub keys. Occasionally, the riffs got a bit distorted and the tone became hard hitting, but it was a subtle edge to the happier vibes in the performance, especially with chirpy tracks such as ‘First World Problems’. Overall. it was nicely entertaining, between songs the banters was strong between the band members in their rather thick yorkshire accents, and there were attempts for clap alongs but wasn’t enough to get the crowd completely engaged. (6)

The Kent-based eighteen legged monster that is Just Say Nay followed up with something that packed a lot more punch. They delivered a sound that was closer to skacore, or at least a grittier edged form of ska-punk. A song such as ‘Bouncer’ provided us withsome heavy, distorted hooks, crust-punk style vocals that reminded me of early Morning Glory and dominating brass melodies. ‘Low Blow’ on the other hand was a lot happier, with third wave ska tones and joyous “Lala Dadada” chants in the chorus, it was far more up beat.

The highlight came from a Muppets Treasure Island cover of ‘Cabin Fever’ as the brass section of Lead Shot Hazard joined the nine people already on stage, leading the track to be performed by thirteen people. Waves of “I’ve got cabin fever” and “I’ve got it too” flowed through the song as the odd crow member had the opportunity to sing into the mic. There was a lot of energy on stage, though that sadly wasn’t mimicked as much in the crowd as it could have. (7.5)

Things did pick up a bit though for Lead Shot Hazard, early on into the set fans were happy to rock out to the crunchy riffs, and skank along to the ska-strokes and infectious brass melodies in the likes of ‘Current State of Play’. The crowd had grown a bit too at this point, making it feel more like a gig. The energy barely let up as we were treated to songs from their 2016 EP, ‘War Pieces’. The heaviness was nicely balanced out by the brass section that made you want to dance around, especially in a track like ‘Safe From Harm’. The only downside was a few guitar issues, but otherwise this was a solid performance. (8)

Faintest Idea headlined in strong routine fashion, kicking off with ‘Circling The Drain’ from their 2016 album, ‘Increasing The Minimum Rage’. Instantly fans had their knees up and singing along, before the Norwich outfit launched into the older hit, ‘Youth’, laced with the gang chants of “ONE YOUTH DOWN” maximised crowd participation. The set was mostly full of tracks from the most recent album, such as ‘Cocktails’ and ‘Ouroboros’, though ‘Mutual Aid’, ‘Bully Boy’ and ‘House of Cards’ created the classic vibes and fun times all round as the dancing didn’t stop.

Though, to bring things down a bit, a new track called ‘Stomp’ was unveiled to us and dedicated to those who lost their lives in the Grenfell Towers fire. It was hard hitting to say the least and the brass segments completely grabbed your attention. I look forward to the recording of it. Towards the end of the set, Faintest Idea unleashed fan favourite, ‘Bull In A Chinashop’ which created yet more skank carnage before turning around to entice encore chants. The band then proceeded to perform ‘Corporation’ and ‘Too Bad’ to close the night off in a high octane manner. (8.5)

Overall it was a fun show, even if it was not the busiest. The lack of audience was something I found surprising, though at no point did any band seem disheartened. These are some great bands, all i’d suggest you should check out. Those that came had a laugh, danced around and lost their voices.

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