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Faintest Idea with Revenge of the Psychotronic Man and Butane Regulators

Date: 13th January 2018
Venue: Palace, Hastings

My first gig of the year was a local one, and I was incredibly excited about one of my favourite UK ska bands, Faintest Idea, coming to town along with Manchester punks, Revenge of the Psychotronic Man. Whenever either band comes to Hastings, it’s a frantic, drunk mess and I expected no different here. Local lads Butane Regulators were also on the bill to add some quality entertainment.

Butane Regulators kicked the evening off in fine form, unleashing raw, gritty punk songs about getting drunk and elevator music. It was guitarist, Nathan‘s birthday so the band were celebrating that, “Not too much though, next he’ll be expecting presents” joked frontman Doug. The set was laced with crunchy riffs, hard hitting beats and an array of erratic shouted vocals with a style that combines Subhumans’ Dick Lucas with Jello Biafra. It’s a unique and distinctive style. The music was loud and in your face, the between song banter was humourous and entertaining, all of it matching the personality of the frontman. A solid opening set. (7)

The last time Revenge of the Psychotronic Man played Hastings was at the Tubman, in which plenty of people crawled through a wall vagina during the set. Since then the venue had shut down and the band had dedicated songs in the venues memory. Usually seeing ROTPM is chaotic to say the least and this was no diffent as the first sign of pit action ensued to the likes of ‘Niall Quinn’ and ‘Small Minded NIMBY Prick’. We had cake thrown around the room and people circle pitting around the box, moshing, people running our with friends on their shoulders, many human pyramids, bassist Andy Davies crowdsurfed whilst performing and at one point I spotted a very drunk Thomas Quinn (Matilda’s Scoundrels frontman) being dragged across the floor by a bandmate. All of this was in reaction to some very fast punk songs, distorted as fuck quitaring and aggressive shouts. It was angry music but incredibly fun in the mean time. This was a brilliant pissed-up mess and I expected no less. (9)

Closing off the night was Norwich ska-punks, Faintest Idea with a blast of infectious brass melodies right from the start as they launched into ‘Back To The Asylum’ and then ‘Circling The Drain’. Fans were skanking and rocking out instantly, punching the air and singing along. Drinks were spilled and the floor was slippery, but that didnt’ stop the dancing, even if some people did fall over, they got up with a smile on their face and carried on. We had the usual classics, with songs ranging over the three albums, from ‘Bully Boy’, to ‘House of Cards’ and ‘Corporation’, though it was and always will be ‘Bull In A Chinashop’ that steals the show. Singer, Dani even joked that we’ve probably all heard these songs before, though as many times as we’ve heard them, the band had played them even more times, with that in mind we were promised new material is coming and we got a taster of one track here, which went down well enough for fans to still go crazy to it. (9)

This was a fantastic show to kick the year off, it was a great night of punk music, alcohol and mates. All the bands and punters pretty much knew eachother so it was a great little social party.

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