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The second song that Faith No More have released from their forthcoming album is ‘Superhero‘. Classic Faith No More right here; the song starts with a piano and guitar chords ringing out loud and clear, the drums pick up and we get that signature bouncing bass sound of Billy Gould that locks in with the drums like a throbbing pulse, whilst Patton screams over the top “Go, go, go, go…”. The verses pick up so well, it’s clear that Faith No More still have their songwriting chops and nobody seems rusty even after an 18 year absence from releasing any studio records.

The song has been featured on marvel.com’s website, which poses the question, will we maybe see this song featured in an upcoming Superhero adventure? Quite possibly. For the meantime check out the tracks, and be prepared for the new Faith No More record ‘Sol Invictus’ dropping on May 19th 2015.