Seattle punk act, Four Lights, have announced that they will release their debut album ‘Death to False Posi‘ on August 15th, 2016 through Bomb Pop Records. Four Lights are streaming the full album now through New Noise Magazine.

Check out the album here.

Tracklisting for ‘Death to False Posi‘:

1. Self-Medicated

2. Underground

3. Death to False Posi (ft. Bracket)

4. Did I Just Hear a Gagoosh?

5. Is That You?

6. It Came To Me In a Dream

7. White Girl Wasted

8. Not Very Strong

9. Sixes

10. Whiskey Woahs

11. Spinning

12. Sappy Love Song

Four Lights are a punk quartet based out of Seattle, Washington. They take inspiration from power-pop, indie-rock and classic punk rock. Four Lights recorded their upcoming album ‘Death to False Posi‘ with Don Farwell at Earwig Studio. The band features Dan Gardener, ex-guitarist for Red Scare Industries band, Success.

Check out the album artwork for ‘Death to False Posi‘ below:
Four Lights

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